Personal Astrological Life Calendar


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This report was designed to be useful to anyone, even beginners who know little or no astrological jargon. The programming synthesizes planets in transit to your natal chart, so much of the intrepreted material is based on a combination of planetary themes rather than looking at each transiting planet in aspect to your chart, one at a time. From journaling, over time, you can learn a great deal about how transits work for you.


Features of the Personal Life Calendar:
Printed in landscape format on 3-ring paper, for easy use in a loose-leaf notebook.
Introduction: A thorough text introduction explains how to use each of the 9 sections of the calendar. It includes your chart in wheel format, a brief explanation of how to look at it, and a list of all planet and house positions in English.
Section 1: Major issues in your life
Section 2: How to express yourself better
Section 3: Detailed daily interpretation
Section 4: Life lessons
Section 5: Moon and Mercury
Section 6: Astro-weather – Current conditions for all
Section 7: Daily Diary Notes
Section 8: Appointments
Section 9: Rate the relevance of today’s advice to you


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