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Chocolate Sauce

Pat Geisler

If you've learned from and liked Plain Vanilla, you'll also want Chocolate Sauce!

This is Pat Geisler's follow up book to Plain Vanilla and has many fewer pages - only 66.....But within these pages you'll find solid information and advice based on Pat's many years of experience as a professional astrologer.

In this little guide you'll learn about......
10 rules for Astrologers - Pat's basic list.
The ethics of Astrology
How to start your astrological business
Setting appropriate fees
The training needed to be a professional
What to do when your client arrives
Advice for how to conduct a consulattion and on handling various topics, including when the information you have from the chart is likely to be bad news for the client
And you'll read about techniques, computers, prediction, referrals, "selling astrology" and more!

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Chocolate Sauce $12.00

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