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Your Magical Child report

Maria Kay Simms

Your child is born with his or her own special magic in unique personality characteristics, style, and talents that in young children may not be all that easy to spot, especially if you're primarily looking for your own expectations. Astrology can help you understand who your child is and how you can be the adept parent who assists the development of your magical child toward his or her highest potential. The insights that astrology offers can help you understand your child's particular needs and how to deal with them, as well as what types of activities, games, and interests will most appeal. You'll also learn of possible problems and how you might resolve them. Discover how you can guide your child to be happy and successful in life.
The text of this report provides useful information for parents of newborns or of young children, toddler through pre-teen years. It makes a special gift for a baby shower, or a welcome gift for new parents or grandparents. (approx. 20 pages)

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Your Magical Child report $25.95

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