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The text of this report describes card symbolism (according to the Rider-Waite deck) and how it relates to your life. A spread diagram is shown, but due to copyright issues the actual card images can not be shown. Astrological correspondences are given with each card. So, if you’re interested in relating Tarot and Astrological symbolism, your report will be a learning tool as well as a guide for your future.


Options: Reports can be done for three categories: General, Love, and Work.


Celtic–This report is based on the classic Celtic Cross Spread. (approx. 15 pages)


Horoscope–Based on a 12 card wheel, one per house. (approx. 15 pages)


Future–Based on a 15 card spread, one per house for natal placements, with 3 extra cards drawn for future. (approx. 15 pages)


Progressed–Based on 24 cards in a circular 12 house spread, one representing natal, the other progressed. (approx. 25 pages.)


Be sure to mention the type of report and the category to tom@astrocom.com


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Celtic Cross (General), Celtic Cross (Love), Celtic Cross (Work), Future (General), Future (Love), Future (Work), Horoscope (General), Horoscope (Love), Horoscope (Work), Progressed (General), Progressed (Love), Progressed (Work)