Ardor, Assertion, and Anger: Mars in Your Chart



Mars is the planet of energy; Mars is assertion; Mars is your physical vitality and that adrenalin rush. Mars is your sexual drive (and the courage and initiative to pursue the object of your desires).

But, like all planets, Mars has both positive and negative expressions. Impatience, impulsive behavior, and outright anger and violence are a few of the less desirable characteristics of this fiery red planet; also our own drives and needs that will lead us into trouble if we don’t create positive outlets for them. The choice is always up to you. Are you more likely to express your Mars by coming in first in the track meet or by spending your night in the slammer for uncontrolled road rage?

You will learn about natal Mars placements (by sign and aspect). Both positive and negative characteristics are outlined as possibilities (Mars aspects to Neptune can be reflected as an individual who is intuitive, graceful, visionary or artistic, but can also be someone who is escapist, deluded or confused).

A comparison of your Mars placement to your partner’s Mars can show you similarities or differences in your sexual styles. Both positive and negative possibilities are summarized to help you determine if your partner is the right one for you or why a certain person always seems to push your buttons (A Scorpio Mars may want deep, meaningful interactions and an intense commitment, while a Gemini Mars may want to just laugh and take things lightly in a more casual relationship).

By paying attention to the current position of Mars, you will be able to determine how to best direct your Mars energy (Mars in Leo might be a good time for a trip to Vegas, while Mars in Cancer might find you at home wtih family). Projects and activities are listed for Mars transits through the 12 signs.

This 38 page booklet also includes a Mars ephemeris (signs, ingresses and aspects) for the years 1935-2015.