Moon Tides, Soul Passages Your Astrological Cycles for Personal and Spiritual Development



The subtitle of Moon Tides, Soul Passages, “Your astrological cycles for personal and spiritual development” capsulizes the intent of this book about the lunar phase cycle in transit each month, the phase in which you were born, and how you progress through each of the signs and phases by secondary progression. It combines solid, practical astrology with an intuitive approach, enhanced with analogies of element and mode woven from stories from Goddess mythology. As was described by the author on the book’s back cover, “Your Moon is She, who is the Soul of Nature, in the changing seasons, within the monthly cycle of Moon and of woman, and of the anima within man…Know her flow within the tides of your soul, through the seasons of your life!

Intuitive response is enhanced by 16 pages of full color reproductions of paintings by the author, Maria Kay Simms, and her daughter, Molly Sullivan, that are based on themes of the sacred feminine. Several black and white drawings by Maria can also be found throughout.

A software CD programmed by Rique Pottenger is included inside the back cover of the book. Based on the JPL ephemeris and the 2006 updated ACS Atlas, it is easy to install and use. With the software, you can create a three page report for anyone for whom you have birth data (date, time and place of birth). The first page lists the birth sign, house and phase of the Moon, the sign and degree position of the prenatal lunar and solar eclipses, and the phase, date and sign/degree positions of progressed lunar phases for a lifetime. Also there’s a list of dates for Moon ingresses into each new sign by secondary progression. Pages 2 and 3 of the Moon Tides software report lists all eclipses and transiting lunar phases for one year, plus the dates of the eight solar-seasonal Sabbats: Yule (New), Imbolc or Candlemas (Crescent), Spring Equinox or Ostara (First Quarter), Beltane (Gibbous), Summer Solstice or Litha/Midsummer (Full), Lammas or Lughnsad (Disseminating), Harvest or Mabon (Last Quarter) and Samhain or All Hallows Eve (Balsamic).

The book also includes a Table of Eclipses (solar and lunar) for 1950 through 2030.and an appendix listing the birthdays and Rodden ratings for all the public figures cited within the text as examples.

Discover your goddess within through lunar mythology! Learn how to use monthly lunar transits for timing! A final chapter called “Experiencing Your Moon in Spiritual Ritual” combines experiential astrology with ritual and meditation, with ideas and plans for living and celebrating your lunar signs, phases and eclipses as they occur.