The American Ephemeris Trans-Century Edition 1950-2050 at Noon



For years, Astrologers have had to drag around their 20th Century ephemeris and their 21st Century ephemeris so that they would have enough information for consultations. Finally, they raised the question,”Why can’t there be an ephemeris that covers the essential years of both centuries?”

For those Astrologers who don’t want to carry two ephemerides, we present the Trans-Century Ephemeris, from 1950 to 2050, both Midnight and Noon. Covering the essential years of both centuries (i.e. the years that most clients are likely to be born and live through), the Trans-Century ephemeris has all the major features of the New American Ephemeris series.

Improvements in computer generated program enables finding double ingresses in a single day plus more accurate station times.

Ceres is added to the daily longitude listings, Sun through Pluto

New formula increases accuracy of monthly position of the Galactic Center

Monthly positions for Eris, Chiron, Pallas, Juno and Vesta

Phenomena in Astro Data column now sorted by time as well as date

Planetary ingresses include R if a planet is in retrograde when it ingresses.