Astrological Discoveries Writing Patterns for Analysis and Rectification



Within this book you will find a wealth of interesting astrological and spiritual topics. First among them is how an author’s horoscope and birth data can be discovered through analysis of his or her patterns of writing–and further, how this method can be useful in chart analysis and in the rectification of an unknown or uncertain birth time. Several charts are demonstrated.

Frank Jakubowsky presents his discoveries on an interesting variety of other topics, including how astrological patterns can be seen in spiritual growth and death, the Spirit of Truth and Divine Origin. He also tells us of patterns to be found in families and in our yearly patterns of individual physical and spiritual development.

You will also find chapters on the relationship of astrology to biology, left-handedness, the historical ages of the zodiac and ancient writers. In the chapter, “Movie Moods,” Jakubowsky demonstrates how astrology can be seen throughout the history of our 20th century, by relating their themes to the sign of Neptune that was transiting when the movies were released.

The concluding chapter “Caldecott” summarizes the author’s discoveries in relation to his 14 prior books that include Caldecott, Jesus is a Leo, Creation, The Psychological Patterns of Jesus the Christ, Frank on a Farm, The Creative Theory of the Universe, My Inspirational Stories, Oakland’s Lake Merritt and Whitman Revisited.