Astrology and the Power of Eight



What is Eight…8? A doubled four? A double cross? Or a symbol of balance?

In numerology it is a symbol of power. In astrology it is the 8th sign of Scorpio, and the 8th house of shared resources that we share in partnership.

Eight aspects of astrology have been deemed hard or challenging, conjunction, opposition, 2 squares, 4 semi-squares. In this book they are called active, the aspects on which the most important events in our lives happen! We experience them all within repeated cycles of 29-30 years each. Three cycles are formed by the hard aspects of transiting Saturn to natal Saturn, to the Ascendant, and as transiting Saturn begins moving upward and around your chart from the IC, a point of endings and new beginnings.

Many examples are provided throughout, including chapters that are devoted to full lifetime phases cycles for one private person and four well known public figures, each of whom lived enough to experience at least part of their third phase cycles. Who knows…with this book, you may gain appreciation for, and even learn to look forward to those hard aspects.

We have software for a personal Power of Eight report. The book explains the report.