Astrological Markers of ADD and ADHD



Astrologer Gayle Geffner, through personal and consulting experience, worked considerably with those who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, ADD and ADHD, or with those who have close associates who do. She developed a sense of the patterns in their horoscopes that are sufficiently notable to be considered “markers” of these conditions. Among the markers, she found that the asteroid named Hidalgo was particularly significant. So, this book also introduces Hidalgo to those who may not yet have studied this particular asteroid in their charts. Hidalgo Tables 1950-2100 are included. (Hidalgo can also be added for free to ACS charts and calculations.)

Gayle’s book begins with background on her research including the life and chart of Hidalgo, the Spanish Criollo for whom the asteroid was named, and the chart of his 1811 execution. Then, she defines houses, planets and signs as they relate to her “markers” of ADD and ADHD.

Gain insight into understanding and astrological counseling of those who have ADD and ADHD, or are dealing with ADD or ADHD in a family member or close associate.

This book is not intended in any way to be used as a substitute for proper care by a physician. It does show how astrology can be of value in understanding the methods, as well as the timing, that can assist in overcoming and in learning to cope with ADD and ADHD.