Astrology and Weight Control The Jupiter/Pluto Connection



The Jupiter/Pluto Connection – revised 2nd edition

Author, astrologer and metaphysician Beverly Flynn, uses the uniquely interesting approach of basic astrology to help you identify, understand and resolve underlying reasons for your lack of success in achieving your desired weight. Her system is accessible to beginners in astrology, while offering a fresh perspective that experienced astrologers can appreciate.

The focus is on three primary placements in your chart:

Jupiter – the “Enlightener” – Are you clinging to an outdated version of yourself, refusing to change and grow? Are you afraid to be all you can be?

Pluto – the “Eliminator” – Are you holding on to the past – staying in relationships, jobs or situations that you have outgrown because it is easy or comfortable?

The Ascendant – How do you perceive change, and how prone is your Ascendant Sign to experience weight problems?

Client case studies, with charts and interpretations, demonstrate the method. Beverly’s concluding chapter, Putting It All Together, presents seven steps toward understanding and solving your weight problem.