The Only Way to Learn about Relationships: Vol 5 – Synastry Techniques



Only Way to Learn Astrology – Volume 5 presents Synastry Techniques: Comparision & Composite Charts

March & McEvers begin with analysis of the natal chart. It is important to understand the relationship needs of each person before considering two (or more) people together. Then crucial comparison techniques are discussed – each person’s planets within the other’s wheel, aspects and configurations formed between the charts, lacks, nodes and chart patterns. Although romantic relationships are the main focus among the many charts presented, you will also find examples of other types, including working partners, parent/child and grandparent/child.

Several chapters are devoted to the Composite Chart, including a detailed look at each of the houses and each of the planets in each chart. The final two chapters put all the pieces together with a detailed case study that illustrates all of the techniques that were discussed throughout the book.

Over 100 charts are illustrated!

Marion D March and Joan McEvers present a readable, well-organized and easy to follow method demonstrated with a wealth of examples. As with all their books, they stress clarity and common sense – all to help you solidify your knowledge and confidence.