The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow: Vol 4 – Current Patterns



Volume 4 presents CURRENT PATTERNS: Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Solar and Lunar Returns and Transits

Within this book, March and McEvers discuss all the major techniques that allow the astrologer to look ahead (forecasting) along with examining the present and the past. As they say in their introduction:

“Through astrology you can always see yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you have learned the “I am” of the 1st natal house, you can now learn the “I am today” of the progressed 1st house and even the “I will be tomorrow” of the 1st house progressed for some future date.”

46 charts are illustrated, along with highly readable and well-organized material that demonstrates the authors’ methods. As with all their books, March and McEvers stress clarity and common sense – all to help you solidify your knowledge and confidence.
Yes! This is the ONLY Way!