Uranus in Signs, Houses and Aspects



This booklet raises the questions:

Can a planet named George find happiness as the ruler of Aquarius, after being fought over by the British Angels?

Should astronomers be allowed to name the planets they discovered?

Do sky-gods have the right to lock up their children in caves?

Do conjunctions with dwarf planet Eris bring about the obsolescence of established technologies?

How long did it take to see the rings?

What is so odd about the revolutions of this planet?

And above all:

What sort of weird changes does it bring to your natal chart?

For these and other questions, and possible answers, look through this booklet for the history, lore, science, and astrological interpretations of Uranus (aka George, and also known as Herschel and even Neptune.) It has been less than 200 years since Uranus has been used in astrological charts. There once was a time when astrologers did not like Uranus, but now Uranus is loved by all. Study this book as a means of loving Uranus!