Wit & Wisdom Mercury in Your Chart



In Maritha Pottenger’s Wit & Wisdom: Mercury in Your Chart, you will learn how to speak in order to best be heard, and find tips regarding compatibility in terms of communication styles.

Complete interpretations of natal Mercury placements by sign are included (with an ephemeris of Mercury placements from 1920 to 2005 to easily look up your natal Mercury).

This 36 page booklet also includes:
Aspects between your natal Mercury to another person’s natal Mercury–the “up side” and “down side”.
Transiting Mercury through the signs – ideas which are most “in the air” during each sign, and facets of your business on which to focus.
When your communication skills are at their best (and when you can make a major impact as a speaker)
Timing commercial ventures (“Astrologer Adze Mixxe points out that a statistically larger than expected (by chance) number of corporations were incorporated during Mercuy retrograde periods, which implies that the retrograde cycle is actually favorable for the establishment of corporations.”)