Easy Tarot Guide



This popular and best-selling Tarot book is in an Expanded New Edition! Marcia Masino has substantially added to her valuable question and answer section from her vast experience as a Tarot advisor and instructor. Additionally, Marcia presents an entirely new and innovative chapter that combines meditation and yoga with Tarot. In collaboration with her friend Carol Olive, a teacher of Yoga who designed the postures, Marcia defines each card and its corresponding posture for a particular power in invoking and evoking archetypal energy to awaken soul purpose and gifts of the spirit. Each posture is carefully described in basic, advanced and simplified versions.

The mystery and appeal of a tarot deck have fascinated people for centuries. Now, an accomplished tarot scholar reveals many of the insights, the rich symbolisms, the meanings that lie within those multicolored cards. Whether you identify with the Queen of Cups or Swords, a Knight of Wands or Pentacles, a King of Wands or Cups, the Magician, or yet another card, there are messages here for you!

The author, Marcia Masino, has created a clear and simple style which makes her instructions easy to follow. Her unique approach gets the reader involved immediately. Rather than being just an intellectual exercise, reading this book is an experience. The reader is encouraged to blend thinking and intuition in the growing mastery of this ancient art.