The Palmistry Textbook An Illustrated Guide to Reading Hands



This is the palmistry book for you!

Whether you are an interested beginner or an experienced advisor in the helping-healing professions, you’ll find this book to be a fascinating read, as well as a useful tool for personality and psychological insight. Over 80 cleanly drawn illustrations and clearly written text make this a complete step-by-step guide to hand analysis.

Special emphasis is given to learning how to interpret the lines of the palm within the context of hand shape. This special context of hand shape and structure is presented with a simple clarity that enables the reader to very quickly grasp the essential meanings.

In this book you will learn to understand that the lines in your hands can and do change, just as we can change our lives! With hand analysis, we can identify the source of our difficulties, often before they manifest, and then adapt in ways that lead toward a more fulfilling future.

Discover the simple logic that lies behind ancient interpretations of the lines and mounts of the palm. No other palmistry book has explained this with such clarity!