Welcome to Astro Computing Services! 
...or, as we say when we answer your phone call, ACS-Starcrafts! 
Since 1973, Astro Computing Services has served astrologers worldwide at all levels: beginner, intermediate, professional! 
Astro Computing Services was founded by Neil F. Michelsen in 1973. 
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From our new location in New Hampshire, we offer you all the amazing variety of chart services for astrologers that were part of Astro in in the past, and new products, too!
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Yes, it's about winning at games of chance...but this booklet and the Winning reports are also good for choosing the best  timing  for most anything!


The first of our new series of books for children! 
We expect to have this first one within this month,
and  the second in the fairytale series is in process! 

Curious about Hidalgo? You'll want to know about this asteroid when you read Gayle Geffner's new book!  
Also, Hidalgo can now be added as a free extra 
to any of our wheel charts!  

These 4 books are on special discount sale during July!

Have you tried our Art Charts, cards and bookmarks?  They are colorful, fun and make great gifts for someone special ...or for yourself!