Your Love Life Venus in Your Chart



What attracts you in a relationship? How do you seek pleasure? How do you express love and affection? Whether looking for love or enhancing your current relationship, the answers for you (or your partner) can be found in the Venus placement in your birth chart.

In Your Love Life – Venus in Your Chart, Maritha Pottenger provides an in-depth description of natal Venus through the signs. (An ephemeris of Venus positions from 1900-2000 is included to easily find your own Venus sign.) In addition to the above questions, you will also learn about how each Venus sign relates to beauty and sensuality (what delights and gratifies them).

In the section on Compatability Analysis, you will learn how your Venus sign gets along with all the other Venus signs, with a rating for each combination (from “very compatible” to “very challenging”). Potential problem areas are identified with suggestions to keep your relationship positive (even if it’s rated “very challenging”).

You will also learn about the kinds of activities that may be most satisfying while Venus is in each of the sun signs, and discover the best times to go “looking for love.”