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Time for a change? If you are considering a move, or simply a vacation to get away from it all, the Astro Map Analysis will help you to choose a location that will best support your needs. When you move away from your birth place, your chart as it would be in a new location provides insight into what life areas are most emphasized there and how this might change your experience of them.


Astro Map Analysis allows an overview of an entire geographical area (by continent). This fully interpreted report on your chosen map describes all of the planetary aspects to the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC of your birth chart and provides you with valuable insight regarding your potential harmony or challenges in each area.


For example, in a relocated chart where Mars is in conflict with your Midheaven, you may experience “potential clashes with authorities or males. You may resist limits, rules or the need for cautious planning.” With Saturn conjunct the IC, “you may take on excessive burdens or power within the home, family or with the public, and adversarial relationships are possible with authority figures.” When Neptune is in a harmony aspect to your Midheaven, “art, beauty, magic, inspiration, intuition or imagination could assist you vocationally or enhance your status and bring together the mystical and the physical.”


If with this report, more than one area of the map appeals to you, then try specific cities within each area and order Relocation Profile to provide the detail to help narrow down your choice.


Specify continent when you order: Africa, Australia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, North America, South America


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Africa, Australia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, North America, South America

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Africa, Australia (incl. New Zeland), Europe, Far East, Middle East, South America (incl. S Central America), USA (Continental USA, S Canada, N Mexico), World (use this one for AK and HI)