Your Planetary Profile


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This report, one of ACS’ best selling for many years, is an in-depth analysis of the birth horoscope, revealing your strengths, challenges, and motivations in life areas such as: basic identity, mind, communication, career, money, relationships, sexuality, children, creativity, karmic lessons, and future trends.


Because it has the most sophisticated programming you will find on any computer astrological interpretation, this is absolutely the closest you can expect to come to the probing insight that should be expected of a lengthy in-person consultation with a leading astrologer.


Through reading this report, you are affirmed in what you already know about yourself, given new insights into problem areas or strengths you may not have thought of before, and, as a result, are better able to accent your positive qualities, minimize your problems and take better advantage of life’s opportunities. (approx. 25 pages)


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