Only Way Book Series



Yes! It is the Only Way! Here you have six books that begin at the beginning with basic natal astrology, and then take you through, step-by-step to learn a wealth of astrological tradition and techniques, from the basic principles and how a chart is constructed, to synthesis and analysis, to the current patterns that teach you how to look into the future—transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar returns and more. Then you’ll learn synastry—how to compare one person’s chart with another to see how they will do in a relationship. Finally, in book #6, you’ll learn how to cast a chart to answer a question (horary astrology) and how to set up a chart to faciltate a new beginning (electional astrology).

These “Only Way” books are classics! Critically acclaimed throughout the years, and recommended by many top astrologers, these books offer a time-tested method developed by two expert teachers, who were known—and are still fondly remembered—by astrologers worldwide.

Authors Marion D. March and Joan McEvers were winners of the very first prestigious Regulus Award given at United Astrology Congress 1989 for excellence in Astrological Education.

You’ll find no better way to begin learning astrology, and then develop your skills, than to own and study these six great books! Acquire all six at once for our special series price.