The American Sidereal Ephemeris 2001-2025



The American Sidereal Ephemeris 2001-2025includes “A Brief Introduction to the Sidereal Zodiac” by James A. Eshelman, with Kenneth Irving. The introductory article explains the basis for the Synetic Vernal Point (S.V.P.) as it has been utilized by Western Siderealists since 1957. They capsulize its development through the work of Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley. Instructions and examples for the use of the ephemeris are given, including tropical-sidereal conversion and other applications.

Features include: Calculations for 0 hours (midnight) E.T., Moon at both midnight and noon, seconds of arc for all planets, all lunar and planetary sign ingresses-day and time each planet enters a new Sidereal sector of the zodiac, right ascension and declination, direct/retrograde indicators and station times, true lunar node, Apparent Sidereal Solar increment (A.S.S.I.) and Sidereal Solar Year (S.S.R.Y.) are given daily, Delta time, Mean Node, Julian Day, Obliquity of the Ecliptic and Nutation for the first day of each month.

A valuable resource for those interested in investigating the techniques used by Sidereal Astrologers.