Joe Biden: President of the Asteroids

By Thomas Canfield

       Every four years, it seems as if Astrology is put to the test by being asked to determine who will be the next President. What has to be taken into account is that the political and moral views of astrologers can influence an interpretation. In some cases, the opinion can lead to some odd expectations. For example, back in 1971, Sybil Leek stated that Iowa Senator Harold Hughes had a very good chart, and he would make an excellent President in 1972.  Hughes did not listen to the prediction, refused to run, and the 1972 race was won by Richard Nixon, who only served less than half a term because of the Watergate scandal. Maybe President Hughes would have been a better man, but that is best left for the “what if” speculators.

      Currently, the main speculation is over former Vice-President Joseph Biden becoming the next President. At the moment, Biden is ahead in the polls, and the usual political smears seem to be falling flat.  The worst epithet to be thrown at him is that he is “Sleepy Joe”, a befuddled, elderly man who may not be up for the job.  Of course, considering the fact that the  people throwing this insult believe that windmills cause cancer, it is not very effective as a talking point. If anything, “Sleepy Joe” makes him seem like an endearing grandfather figure, more laid-back than troublesome, and more friendly than obnoxious.

      The best transit to examine these traits is for the planetary positions on Inauguration Day.  Not only does the inauguration chart show dramatic changes, but it lines up very well with Biden’s natal chart. (Inauguration  inner ring. Biden outer ring.) What is particularly impressive is that Biden is having some asteroid returns at the time of the inauguration. If anything, this may demonstrate the power of asteroids in a chart, and offer a dramatic example of how their returns can mark events. Keep in mind that the asteroid returns on this day are one to two degrees from the actual natal position. The most impressive results may be taking place after the inauguration.

      For example, Biden will be having a Ceres return in the Eleventh House of the Inauguration chart. Ceres was formerly the largest asteroid, but now is classified as a dwarf planet.  For astrologers, it represents nurturing, growth, and compassion.  With transiting Ceres conjunct Neptune, Biden has a great opportunity to capture the public imagination. An inauguration speech filled with friendly and encouraging statements may help dispel the spirit of “American Carnage” that has haunted the country for the past four years. Biden’s natal Mercury and his natal Jupiter are trine his natal Ceres, with a wide trine to transiting Ceres and Neptune.   Just by speaking in complete, coherent sentences, filled with the inspiring themes of leadership and hope, this could be remembered as one of the best speeches made by an incoming President.

     Transiting Juno is conjunct Biden’s natal Juno, and in the Seventh House of the Inauguration chart it may show an opportunity to build connections to different factions. Juno is the asteroid of marriage, but it also rules things gained by marriage, such as money, social contacts, and political connections. This will be a good time to reach out to former competitors in a spirit worthy of a team of rivals. Some of the former candidates would make good cabinet members.  It would also be a good time to reach out to moderate Republicans, such as members of the Lincoln Project, and offer them some political positions. With natal and transiting Juno opposing Biden’s Saturn, the persons he should avoid are the stuck-in-the-mud, power-at-any-price politicians who are more self-serving than helping the common good. Biden’s Juno is trine the Part of Fortune for the Inauguration, and any outreach he makes on that day will successful. Juno is also sextile Jupiter on the Inauguration, and making connections between factions will be a promising act of leadership.

     Biden is having transiting Pallas approaching his natal Pallas on the Inauguration.  The asteroid of wisdom may get a great chance to shine for the new administration.  Natal  Pallas is conjunct Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home. By emphasizing the grandfather/family man image, Biden may resonate with the family values of most Americans.  The Inauguration Pallas is conjunct Mercury, and in a wide conjunction to Biden’s Vesta and Pallas. An articulate speech addressing the needs of families may be very well received.  Adding to this feature is that the Inauguration Vesta is conjunct Biden’s Midheaven.  On such a day, he might seem like America’s grandfather, bringing out a new spirit of respect.

     Of course, there are always elements to watch out for. For a while, transiting Chiron has been moving around Biden’s natal Eris. There has been concern over his age and health. He would be the eldest President ever inaugurated.  Ever since the days of William Henry Harrison, there has been concern about an older President dying in office.  Biden was born during World War II with Eris trine Pluto. Chiron is moving into that trine with natal Pluto, raising mortality issues.  This does not mean he is ineligible to serve, but that people will be concerned about his health situation.  Biden’s natal Chiron will be trine the void-of-course Moon at the time of Inauguration.  He may not have any trouble with the ceremony, but there will be health questions through most of his term.

      It is interesting that a Void-of-Course Moon takes place when the swearing in is supposed to take place. An omen of unfinished work or an incomplete term?  What is hopeful is that the Moon will be conjunct Biden’s natal Moon.  The inaugural Sun will be square Biden’s Moon and the void-of-course Moon. There may be upheavals and difficulties ahead, but it is possible to weather them. Biden’s Neptune is trine the inaugural Sun, and he may have the imagination and spiritual fortitude to get through crises. His Neptune is also trine his natal Uranus and the Inauguration Saturn and Jupiter, and it might contribute to the inspiring changes he will make. 

      There may be some ominous events for the Inauguration. In the Twelfth House, Mars and Uranus are conjunct, which could indicate violent actions behind the scenes. Some groups may react to the new administration with a terrorist attitude. Will it be necessary to have sharpshooters on the rooftops as was done during the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln? Transiting Mars and Uranus are squaring Biden’s Pluto, and there may be a need for extra security. Mars and Uranus will be squaring the Inauguration Saturn and Jupiter, and possible threats will be taken very seriously. However, Biden’s Part of Fortune is conjunct the Mars-Uranus conjunction, and he should make it through the ceremony without any concern.  A calm demeanor may add to the success of the event.  Even though Pluto is the closest planet to the Midheaven for the Inauguration, tensions may be eased by Biden’s  Sun and Venus sextile the Midheaven. His natal Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto, and even in the shadow of death he may shine through with leadership ability. Biden’s Mars will be sextile transiting Venus, and he may be able to talk tough without seeming like a bully. 

     Although Biden’s chart looks good for the Inauguration, and it may be a very good day for him, there is no guarantee that he may be the one being inaugurated. On Dec. 14, there is a Solar Eclipse, taking place around the time the Electoral College is announcing the final vote. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury  are squaring Neptune and Vesta. Pallas is squaring Uranus, and Saturn and Jupiter are about to enter Aquarius to form a square to Uranus. Mars is conjunct Eris, and both are trine the eclipse point and Mercury, as well as square Pluto. The news at the time could be extremely volatile.  There are issues with gerrymandering, voter suppression, and refusal of absentee ballots to be considered. There may be other election manipulations which could lead to an unsatisfactory result, such as numerous recounts.  Never underestimate the trickery of persons who want to hold on to power by any means.

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