A Seasoning of Asteroids

Thomas Canfield      For Natal charts, Asteroids have been considered add-on features, sort of like fries with burgers or croutons on salad. However, the upcoming Vernal Equinox chart may show the dramatic influences of the major Asteroids. Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta are in aspect to all of the other planets in the chart. …

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Diary of an Astrologer

By Carole Hemingway I was 27-years old in 1968. Transiting Pluto was in Virgo, trine my Saturn at 23-degrees Taurus, in my 6th house of work and service,  Over the next three years Pluto was  trine my Moon-Uranus at 28-degrees Taurus in my 6th house. There I was, manager of a construction company with 200 …

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