“Hello, I must be going!”

In the musical comedy “Animal Crackers”, Groucho Marx offered up this song as he made his entrance.

“Hello, I must be going, I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going.

I’m glad I came, but just the sameI must be going. La La!”

Margaret Dumont tried to plead with him in song.

“Oh my friend, you must stay, If you should go away,

You’ll spoil this party I am throwing!”

Groucho responds:

“I’ll stay a week or two, I’ll stay the summer through,

But I am telling you, I must be going.”

Groucho’s song comes to mind because after nearly 13 years, ACS is saying goodbye to Epping, NH. The business moved from San Diego, CA to Epping, NH in Sept. 2008. We had a large office space at 334-A Calef Highway. In 2017, we moved to a storefront building at 68A Fogg Road. ACS shared the building with the Starcrafts Art Gallery and Gift Shop.  Unfortunately, the arrival of the pandemic caused that business to shut down. Only ACS with its books and computers remained in the building. At least we could get work done without having to wear a mask.

     Because of economic conditions, it was decided this would be a good time to sell the storefront building. This meant that ACs has to pack up and get out.  The big question was what form the company would take after we had left Epping. We are not sure of the address of our new location, but we will have the mail forwarded to us once we are settled.  We have not set an exact date for the move, but if mail-in customers are planning to send in an order within the new few months, now may be the time to get it to us. On-line customers may notice if our ACS website is down for a little while. This will mean the move is underway, and we are waiting for the computers to be set up in the new location. Once we have a new location and are set up for business, we will be sending out a mailing and a Constant Contact notice that things are starting up again. Ta Ta for now!

                                         —Thomas Canfield