Cometh the Dawn

Thomas Canfield

The Lunar Eclipse for November 8, 2022 (set for Washington D.C. at 6:02 am) falls just before dawn, and it will be a busy time for the Full Moon energy. It is the day for the Mid-Term Elections, and the Moon is conjunct Uranus and the North Node. No doubt thousands of electronic voting machines will be starting up and will be tested for voter accuracy.  As the Sun rises, the Moon and Uranus will be slipping under the horizon, indicating that subtle work will begin. The Sun will be conjunct Venus, and the focus will be on that display of feminine energy and the women candidates. Mercury conjunct the Sun and Venus will make communication the vital energy this day. People may do enough talking to drown out the talking heads on television.

       The Sun, Venus, Uranus, and the Moon are squaring Saturn at the bottom of the chart. This will be an election in which old-fashioned attitudes and restrictive regulations are being challenged.  Saturn is not getting support from other bodies, except a wide sextile to Chiron. Maybe some doctors will support old-fashioned family values, but with Chiron trine the Midheaven it is likely they will be supporting the side where the money is, namely unrestricted women’s healthcare. The conservative views of Saturn may get neglected or even shunned in the course of the day.

       Family values may still be a factor with the asteroid Vesta in the Fourth House. Vesta is making a trine to Mars Retrograde in Gemini. There may be some speech-making about patriarchal values, but they will be strident and ineffective in stirring up the public. (Mars retrograde is conjunct the Sun of a certain former president who is noted for ineffective speeches.)  Eris, dwarf planet of discord, is sextile both Vesta and Mars. Watch for militant upsets in family matters. (Should abortion bans have an exemption if a Republican mistress gets pregnant?)  The only body in the Fourth House that may show success is Juno, asteroid of marriage and political matters. Juno is sextile the Part of Fortune, and politicians may do well if they emphasize their own families. Political support may be at an all-time high as people head to the polls in record numbers.

    Mars retrograde is also squaring Neptune Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde. Church militant religious views may suffer in this election. Loud sermons and baseless charges may be shown up as ludicrous attempts to stir the faithful. Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom is trine Neptune and Jupiter. Common sense and homespun commentary may be of use to the religious community. Pluto is sextile Neptune and Jupiter, and metaphysical discussions may sooth religious organizations.  (How many years in Purgatory do protesters at Planned Parenthood clinics have to spend for verbally abusing women?)

     Who will be the big winner on Election Day? Thanks to dwarf planet Ceres, the women candidates should come out on top with their agendas. Ceres in the Eleventh House is sextile Mercury, the Sun, and Venus, and trine Uranus, the Moon, and the North Node.  Ceres is also quincunx both Saturn and Chiron, and it may be the main focus as the most elevated planet in the chart.  Remember the Ceres/Demeter myth that the Earth Goddess was willing to let all life perish on Earth unless she got her daughter back. Ceres, with supportive aspects of so many other bodies (and in her rulership sign of Virgo) will show a lot of exalted energy. It may be the most important election for women’s rights and exerting women’s authority.  Don’t underestimate the power of Ceres because the last time it was done it nearly created an extinction event.