The End of the Mad Tea Party

 In the spring of 2011, when Jupiter in Aries was squaring Pluto in Capricorn, it was a time when the right-wing faction called the Tea Party came to power. The movement was based on the idea of resisting the Federal government the way the Boston Tea Party patriots resisted the government of King George III. Rather than throw tea into a harbor, this Tea Party began cutting government services. Public sector workers in Wisconsin found their pensions were cut, and when they tried to peacefully protest they were depicted as being violent troublemakers by Fox News, which also wanted people to believe there are palm trees in Wisconsin.

      During this Jupiter/Pluto square, there was another movement working in tandem with the Tea Party. The Birther movement attempted the overthrow of the Obama administration on the grounds that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, and therefore was not an American citizen. Although several people started the Birther craze, the leadership of the movement passed to Donald John Trump, a wealthy man known for his failed marriages, failed businesses, and failed attempts to keep black people from renting his properties. Trump send out hundred of tweets attacking Obama, saying he had sent detectives to check on the Obama birth certificate, and they had found “interesting things.” Obama defused some of Trump’s bombast by releasing his birth certificate, but the Birthers still insisted it was a forgery. The result of this mindless arguing was that it developed a following for Trump and his tweets.

   Move ahead to 2016, and in November Jupiter in Libra was squaring  Pluto in Capricorn, and the country was reeling from the fact that Donald John Trump had been elected the 45th President.  Not even the Trump campaign expected a victory, especially since Hillary Clinton had won nearly three million more popular votes. Trump came to power through the machinations of the Electoral College. If 77,0000 votes had shifted in Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan, the Electoral College would have voted the other way. Trump’s victory was the culmination for the Tea Party and the Birthers, who faded into the structure of the Republican Party.

   In May, 2023, Jupiter will be entering Taurus, and will be squaring Pluto in Aquarius at the time of the New Moon.  At the time, we may see the undoing of the Tea Party, which was more like the Mad Tea Party in “Alice in Wonderland.” At that party, Alice had to deal with lunatic statements by the March Hare, the Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter, who offered the unanswerable riddle, ”Why is a Raven like a writing desk? “ (Answer at the end.)  With Ceres opposing Neptune, there may be a rude awakening as people have to face they have been living a lie. With the New Moon trine Ceres and sextile Neptune, the shattering of illusions may not be too violent.

         This may bring more benefits to families, with Venus sextile the Midheaven and Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home. Reconciliation with family and business associates may not bring financial rewards, with the Ascendant and Part of Fortune squaring Uranus and Vesta.  The Ascendant and Part of Fortune trine Chiron may bring a spirit of healing and an educational time of reevaluation. Saturn is square Juno, which may bring an examining of political views. Even old time conservatives are sick of what has been done to limit democracy. Mars sextile the New Moon may provoke a new militant spirit to stand up against people limiting personal freedom. (Think of Mickey Mouse in the front lines fighting the culture war in Florida.)

     There might be more debate and argument with Pallas squaring Mercury and the North Node, but with Mercury and the North Node sextile Saturn there may be more conservative voices speaking out against the legacy of the Mad Tea Party. Saturn trine Venus could win more support for traditional conservative causes.  Mars will be moving into Leo, and the opposition to Pluto and square to Jupiter may bring an explosive force as people learn how their money was spent by the Mad Tea Party. Ceres quincunx Eris could see some hair-pulling as people are getting the sensible facts to drive out discord. All questions may finally get answered, include the Mad Hatter’s riddle. “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” Answer: “Because Edgar Allen Poe wrote on both of them.”