Trump’s Confusions and Contusions

Thomas Canfield

     One of the imponderable questions of our time is “What would it take for Republican women stop voting for Donald Trump?” Accusations of rape? (Not a problem!)  Sex with a porn star? (Not a problem!) Incestuous fantasies? (Not a problem?)  Denial of medical rights and care for women’s bodies? (Not a problem?)  Are there potential stories that would make Republican women take notice? Ivanka ratting to the DA?  Melania walking out? Porn stars showing Trump on video?  Whatever may be the cause, the answer may take place around the time of the Summer Solstice, and just after Trump’s Solar Return.

     The Summer Solstice looks like a time of political upheaval, possibly based on fanciful stories but enough to shake up every family. The Sun in Cancer is conjunct Juno, asteroid of marriage, but also ruler of things gained through marriage, such as political connections. Juno is just about to enter Cancer, and its position with the Solstice Sun might make it seem obscured, but its role may be detected behind the scenes. Neptune is squaring the Solstice Sun and Juno, threatening some deception or fanaticism. It could be a situation where what the public thinks is bad is not too bad, like Nixon’s expletives deleted, or what is bad could be much worse, like Trump’s speech on Jan. 6. Ceres is also squared by the Solstice Sun. A shake-up regarding family security may be caused by political issues.  Ceres is in opposition to Neptune, and there could be a shattering of illusion, and maybe a forced awakening to see what has been ignored.

      Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home, is conjunct the Midheaven, and is the highest body in the chart. It is exactly semi-sextile Juno and also in aspect to the Solstice Sun. What may really stir up things is that Pluto in Capricorn will be trine Vesta and the Midheaven. Some shocking news that may upset family values may be the talking point of the day. Remember how Bill and Monica’s revelations of oral sex changed the dating game and the birth rate? Pluto, Vesta, and the Midheaven are in an out-of-sign trine with Ceres. A benevolent aspect , but the role is diminished. The out-of-sign trine with Vesta and Pluto might offer some comfort, but families may still be disturbed by what is going on. Mothers may have to have a long talk with their daughters. Neptune sextile the Midheaven and Vesta may offer some spiritual reassurance to families

     Uranus is squaring Mars and Pallas in the Twelfth House.  The news may be sudden and aggressive. Mercury is sextile Mars and Pallas, and the talking points may be regurgitated constantly by the talking heads. Chiron is trine Mars and Pallas, and there could be an important lesson to be learned about toxic masculinity.  Pallas is approaching a trine to Eris, and what may sound like wisdom may be provocative and imprudent. Watch what you say if you don’t want to be quoted for what you said.

     The Moon and Venus squaring Jupiter in Taurus, might bring emotional upheaval over that which has been hidden, and which may be legally liable At the time of his Solar Return, Trump has the Moon conjunct Jupiter, but by the time of the Solstice it has moved to a square. What happens at the time of his birthday party may be coming back to bite him.  Selling secret documents to North Korea?  Not paying his lawyers so that he can throw a birthday party? Grabbing the girl who jumps out of his birthday cake? The Ascendant trine Jupiter and the North Node would give hope that things are not as bad they seem. Venus sextile the Part of Fortune could indicate a good financial resolution. Of course, if Trump says he is being persecuted, then his fool followers will part with their money to send big bucks to him.

     Saturn will be sextile Jupiter and quincunx the Moon. Offering standard aphorisms may sound comforting, but there may be a question as to whether the wisdom applies to modern times. It may be a situation so unique that there may be no way to justify it. Trump shown with teenage girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s parties? Trump torturing journalists in Saudi prisons?  Trump selling the body parts of his late wife, Ivana? If you thought the Stormy Daniels story was weird, this could top it all.