Will a Sour Glower Cower from Flower Power?

Thomas Canfield

    May 23 will be the Flower Full Moon, named because the Spring Flowers start blooming. However, there are interesting aspects for this Full Moon which brings back the old memory of Flower Power from the 1960’s. (No, the Moon is not in the Seventh House, and Jupiter is not aligning with Mars.) The Moon is in the Fifth House, opposed by the Sun in the Eleventh House, and the Sun is in an out-of-sign conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. This could be a good time for social gatherings, and another Woodstock happening is not beyond possibility. Venus-Jupiter are trine the Part of Fortune, sextile the Ascendant and sextile Neptune. The Sun is trine Pluto, and the Moon is sextile Pluto. An event with a lot of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll may be what is needed to celebrate the good times.

      What could bring about such a degree of happiness? It could be a final smackdown of the old political chokehold, Family Values. The asteroid Vesta, rule of hearth and home is in the Twelfth House, and is trine Saturn in the Eighth House. Saturnine conservatives have used Family Values as a means to justify hating Gays, Trans-gender, and even library books. Saturn in the Eighth House shows how Family Values have been used for fundraising, and quaint images of Mom and Apple Pie can get sentimental people to make donations. Vesta in the Twelfth House shows how planning is done behind the scenes to make funded institutions the bulwark for the fight for Family Values. Also, it may show how hospitals and clinics have prevented proper healthcare to pregnant women over the worries of anti-abortion laws. Vesta is in a wide sextile with Juno, asteroid of marriage, but also things gained by marriage such as political connections. Political appeals to Family Values may reach a straining point at the time of the Flower Moon.

     Vesta is being squared by the Midheaven, the North Node, Mars, and Chiron. There could be a ripping exposure of the actions being done by the people supporting Family Values.  How many of them care about their stock portfolio more than their families? How many live by the values that they preach, even after a few divorces? How many are indulging in abusive behavior? Adding to Vesta’s problems is Ceres in Capricorn, which is also in a wide square from the Midheaven, the North, Node, Mars, and Chiron. Ceres can stand for the domineering mother, but even her hold may be shaken up by the exposure of Family Values issues. Giving aid to Vesta and Ceres, is Uranus sextile Vesta, and trine Ceres. High-speed internet may increase communication, and with Saturn sextile Uranus, watch for a variety of web-robots offering a defense of Family Values. Yet, with Pallas in Scorpio opposing Uranus, such a ploy could be exposed as well.

     Juno is trine Mercury, and the talking heads may be working overtime to make sense of the issues coming up. Mercury is in a wide sextile between Vesta and Saturn, and the Family Values issue may get a lot of publicity. Yet, with Juno In a wide opposition to Saturn, political figures might not get the same support as they did from the Family Values issue. It may be a time of reckoning for dealing with past transgressions that have been covered up.

     A sign of the end of Family Values may be the upcoming Chiron-Eris conjunction. In was back in 1973, that Chiron and Eris were conjunct when Roe versus Wade was decided, bringing about a national shockwave as women were able to take control of their own bodies.  For the past fifty years, the goal of conservatives was to overturn Roe versus Wade, and no candidate was too sleazy to support as long as he committed to that goal. With Mars approaching the Chiron-Eris conjunction, there may be some violent jolts regarding the issue. Some people in Texas have advocated using the death penalty against women who have had an abortion. What if a Texan were to shoot a woman who had a natural miscarriage? In Indiana, an anti-abortion law has been overturned by a state law Mike Pence signed for protecting religious freedom. Some groups argued their religion gave them a right to legal abortion, and the Indiana court agreed. Let’s see if the Supreme Court will reject that.

     The outcome may bring widespread rejoicing, and some political despair, with the Sun-Moon axis in a wide square to Juno. Venus-Jupiter in the Eleventh House should bring some enjoyment, but Pallas in opposition may be warning to keep a cool head and invest any gains made at this time. Pallas is trine the Ascendant and Neptune, and creativity and imagination may spread the wisdom around. Both Pallas and Neptune are sextile the Part of Fortune, and whatever memes and tropes that come out at this time could become very profitable. 

     Just as a final commentary, Pallas will be conjunct Joe Biden’s Sun and Venus, and the Full Moon axis will be conjunct his Ascendant-Descendant axis. Transiting Venus-Jupiter will be in his Sixth House. Good health news? As for Donald Trump, Pallas, Venus, and Jupiter will be squaring his Natal Mars and Ascendant. Not so much good news, especially financially or with wisdom, for him. Watch for a major tantrum regarding his expenses and his public statements.