Do they Wonder as they Blunder?

Thomas Canfield

     April 20 marks the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus 50. Jupiter-Uranus can offer major changes in leadership and the mass public actions. The last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct was on January 4, 2011, when they were conjunct at 27 Pisces 03. It happened on the day after Republicans took control of the 112th Congress. Though they had a majority in the House, they did not have a majority in the Senate. Still, the shift in power began a policy of obstruction towards the Obama administration. No legislation was to be passed that would help President Obama politically. As expressed by Mitch McConnell in the Senate, the purpose of the Republican Party was to make Barack Obama a one-term President. Of course, they failed in that effort, but they continued to hamper Obama, and the politics of obstruction have continued with the current Congress.

     The 2011 conjunction marked a time when the “Tea Party” was responsible for giving legislative success to the Republicans.  This time around, it could see a scalding repercussion. At first, sight the conjunction seems benign with Jupiter and Uranus in the Sixth House, and trine the Midheaven, which would be a good aspect for business matters. There is a sextile from Mars in Pisces, and a wide sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Mars and Neptune are in the Fourth House of family matters. There could be some rabble-rousing over family values, and fake outrage over Drag Queens, Rainbow Flags, and trans-gender persons using rest rooms. 

    However, the success of such phony outrage may not get very far with Mercury Retrograde and the Moon going void-of-course. The Moon’s last aspect was an opposition to Neptune. There is not enough emotional outrage to carry through on these issues. It may be seen that certain people are making baloney sandwiches, but no one may be swallowing them. Mercury Retrograde is squaring Ceres in the Second House, and not even a domineering mother would fall for poor excuses of propaganda. Ceres is also squaring the North Node, Venus, and Chiron. Watch out for the dwarf planet becoming the punching bag in future battles.

    The reason for Ceres becoming unpopular may be its position in Capricorn and a sextile to Saturn, aided by trines to the Midheaven as well as Jupiter-Uranus. Ceres in such a position may come across as “Big Mother is Watching You.” Capricorn is about control, and Ceres in its darkest form can represent Slavery. A major issue that is developing is whether women will be reduced to sexual slavery by decisions of state legislatures. In extreme cases, a woman can be forced to give birth to a rapist’s child. In another extreme case, a frozen embryo has more rights than a woman. With Ceres being squared by bodies in Aries, individual rights are going to be a major focus. With these bodies in the Fifth House, mass demonstrations, promoted by entertainers, may be fighting against political control. 

      Elements of political and family control may be shown through the position of the Asteroids. Pallas, Asteroid of Wisdom, is conjunct the Sagittarius Ascendant. It may stand for new eloquence and arguments that are needed to fight legal cases. Juno, Asteroid of Politics, is squaring Pallas. Juno in Virgo may be crafting arguments and new laws to impose upon more women. Vesta, Asteroid of Hearth and Home is quincunx Pallas and the Ascendant. Vesta in Cancer may need some adjustment to respond to the wisdom of Pallas. Vesta is in the Eighth House, and may be susceptible to changing its mind, especially if Pallas comes up with good arguments. 

      Running interference for Pallas is Pluto, which is sextile Pallas in Aquarius. Pluto is in a wide quincunx to both Juno and Vesta, as well as squaring the Sun and the Part of Fortune in Taurus. People power may be speaking up more on unmentionable subjects. France recently added abortion rights to its Constitution. It is possible that a similar movement could get started in the USA, making it clear that government has no control over a woman’s uterus. 

     Eris, dwarf planet of Discord, is semi-sextile both Mars and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Though the sexi-sextile is considered to be a Cooperative aspect, in aspect to Eris it can mark periods of upheaval. There may be a lot of Sound and Fury over leadership and control, but it may be a concert that deafens the audience instead of giving a message. Mark Twain once said of Richard Wagner’s music, “It’s not as bad as it sounds.” What we could be hearing is a cacophony that is worse than it sounds.

     With such a blast, we could be hearing the finale of the raucous notes that started playing in January, 2011. Rather than bring applause, the conclusion may have the audience throwing things. The great noise may be a tremendous blunder than makes the audience reject the usual themes of political manipulation, family matters, and control over matters that should not be hampered. Themes of liberation may be heard to offset the dominating tone. What might be seen is a major descent into stupidity, possibly with Donald Trump dressing in blackface and singing “Mammy”, with the expectation of winning both the black vote and the Pro-Life vote. If you don’t think people could get as dumb as that, wait and see.