A Seasoning of Asteroids

Thomas Canfield

     For Natal charts, Asteroids have been considered add-on features, sort of like fries with burgers or croutons on salad. However, the upcoming Vernal Equinox chart may show the dramatic influences of the major Asteroids. Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta are in aspect to all of the other planets in the chart. Since the Asteroids have added feminine archetypes to Astrology, the coming Spring may show a preponderance of women’s issues and struggles with women’s rights coming up in the election. Will the abortion issue be forgotten with more sex abuse cases being brought against Donald Trump?

     The Equinox Sun is trine the Moon in Leo, and both are trine Pallas in Sagittarius. It may be a time when wisdom from women may be getting the most headlines. The Moon is in the Ninth House of Legal Matters, and women prosecutors have played major roles in the Trump lawsuits.  The Moon is in opposition to Pluto, and that could bring out debates about power and authority held by woman. The Sun and Pallas are both sextile Pluto, spotlighting its new position in Aquarius, dealing with People Power.   With Pluto being in Aquarius, there may be major shifts about power sharing and how many regulations are meant to hold back women. Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio might offer graphic comments about sexual roles and reproductive rights. Imagine Barbie having to argue with the Pope about women’s rights.

      Political control over women may be emphasized with Venus conjunct Saturn, and old fashioned ideas of religious domination could be brought out with Venus-Saturn sextile Jupiter. Churches like the Catholics, the LDS, and Orthodox Jews may worry those rights for women may force them to have women clergy. Venus-Saturn are trine the Scorpio Ascendant, and there could a hearkening back to the Prohibition spirit which promoted the original Women’s Suffrage movement. However, Juno in Virgo is opposing such a backward trend, and Pallas squaring Venus-Saturn may represent the conventional wisdom working against backward ideas. There may be a clash between the old political structure vision and progressive vision. With Juno squaring Pallas, imagine Nikki Haley having to debate Taylor Swift.

     Vesta, ruler of hearth and home may get fired up with Eris sextile both Mars and Vesta. There may be arguments over what family values should prevail. As the business practices of the Trump family are revealed, major discord could take place over the kind of values they have. Neptune is squaring Vesta, and it is not likely the family values that are accepted will be the “Father Knows Best” type of unrealistic and old values. Vesta is sextile the Midheaven, while Eris is trine the Midheaven, and Mars is opposing the Midheaven. (The A&E channel has been doing expose stories about Polygamy, the most controlling method of “family values” and suggestions of incest are mentioned in the stories.) The attempts to sell a glamorized version of family values may lead to a firestorm which might show the folly of old-fashioned thinking. With Uranus squaring the Midheaven, any old-time vision of a Norman Rockwell family might be ridiculed on the internet within seconds. Think of Ma & Pa Kettle being contrasted to the Trump family.

      Ceres, the Asteroid promoted to Dwarf Planet, is squaring the North Node, Mercury, and Chiron. The dark side of Ceres can be Slavery, and with Ceres in Capricorn there may be questions about control over woman. The conjunction of the North Node, Mercury, and Chiron may bring strong medical arguments against government control of women’s healthcare. There may be more debates on frozen embryos as human beings. Ceres as the domineering mother may want to have controls set in place. Ceres is sextile Venus and Saturn, and may want old fashioned values codified. Juno and Jupiter are trine Ceres, and there may be a uniting of political and religious groups to give Ceres what she wants. Yet, Ceres Is sextile the Scorpio Ascendant and may be open to compromise. Just as the mythological Ceres had to reach a compromise with Pluto,   such an agreement may happen by the time Ceres enters Aquarius. Would Carrie Nation give Al Capone an offer he couldn’t refuse?

     With Uranus sextile the Part of Fortune, high tech businesses may maintain their success, in spite of bumbling leadership. Mars opposing the Midheaven might lead to struggles in business, but Uranus squaring the Midheaven and Mars may sort out matters. All may be smoothing out for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in April, though Mars moving into Pisces with Saturn and opposing Juno might shake up some people in regard to political matters of marriage.  Will Elon Musk become the new Joseph Smith and promote polygamy?