Dragging into the Year of the Dragon

Thomas Canfield

     The Aquarius New Moon falls on February 9, but the celebrations for the Year of the Dragon will be on February 10. After going through the relatively quiet Year of the Rabbit, there may be upheavals in the Year of the Dragon. The last year of the Dragon was in 2012, and the main topic of the year was over the ending of the Mayan calendar and the possible end of the world. Nothing that severe happened, thought the year was marked by the Sandy Hook massacre. This coming year will be a year of the Wood Dragon. The last Wood Dragon year was in 1964, a time which saw subtle upheavals such as the Civil Rights Act, the fall of Khrushchev, and the beginning of the Vietnam War with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. In a sense, it was like an overture to troubles that would come in later years.

     In the New Moon chart, the Leo Ascendant offers some promise with the Part of Fortune rising, and the Ascendant sextile Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home. However, Eris in the Ninth House is trine the Ascendant and Part of Fortune, and sextile Vesta. Eris is in the house of Law and Courts. There could be some topsy-turvy legal decisions. Does the 14th Amendment apply in the 21st Century? Do women have any legal rights that state legislatures are bound to accept? What is interesting about the Eris position is that it is squaring the Midpoint between Venus and Mars in Capricorn. Bodies in Capricorn are concerned about control and power, and the square indicates they will not let Eris get away with depriving them of their legal rights. 

   The Aquarius New Moon seems to be in a difficult position, with the Sun and Moon squaring Uranus and the Midheaven. It is possible that more electronic interference could have an effect on the economy and on political matters. Remember when the Russians hacked into the Democratic Party computers? This might only be a minor setback because both Juno and Venus are trine Uranus and the Midheaven. Juno trine Venus indicates a stronger political connection with women, and as women are deprived of more rights there may be a greater political force to fight back.

     The New Moon is trine Vesta, and there may be a stronger sense of family values. Juno squaring Vesta may bring more conflict between political values and the old-time family values. Adding to the complication is the North Node and Chiron sextile Vesta. There may be more of a realization that the medical rights of women are essential for family values, and the upcoming court cases may determine how those values are decided. Jupiter in the Ninth House is being squared by Mercury and Pluto, and there may be some powerful and well-written legal cases that will shake the law structure. Ceres is in a wide trine to Jupiter, and there may be a lot of female lawyers and judges who will attract public attention during this year. 

     Pallas, asteroid of Wisdom, is squaring Saturn in Pisces. The regulations of the old-time religion may not match the arguments made in regard to legal matters. Canon law might prove to be a loose cannon. What may help in blowing off steam is Mars sextile Neptune.  The issue of control may seem confused if people are trying to discern what is meant by nebulous Neptune. Mars might represent the principle of proving you are right by speaking at the top of your voice. Yet, Pallas sextile Pluto may provide more eloquent wisdom that will reach into the souls of the listeners. With Pluto in Aquarius, more attention will be paid to people power. 

    The Year of the Dragon can represent the beginning of the end of one cycle, to be replaced by another cycle in the Year of the Snake.  Whatever security gained during the Year of the Rabbit could receive a jolt from the Dragon. This does not mean a loss, but it may be a warning of an upheaval to come, like the first tremors of an earthquake. Keep in mind that the Chinese concept of Dragons was different from the European concept. The image of  a European Dragon was best expressed by Tolkien in “The Hobbit” in which the Dragon Smaug sits on a giant pile of treasure. Chinese Dragons do not sit around. The legends have them being more active and helpful. Chinese Dragons are not the monsters of fairy tales, but forces for active change.  Only those who sit around on their treasure would see the Chinese Dragons as being monsters.