Flying Fickle Fingers of Fate

Thomas Canfield

    The chart for the Mars-Uranus conjunction has some interesting features apart from the volatile union.  Mars and Uranus are in the 9th House, which is the House of Justice and is ruled by Jupiter. People may be looking at intense legal matters, especially in the light of Presidential immunity and having a felon at the head of a political party. Mars and Uranus are semi-sextile Eris and Chiron, and the major discord of the day could be the intense arguments over the Supreme Court decisions and charges of corruption. In particular, the Dobbs decision may be a major topic of discussion. The Sun is sextile Mars and Uranus, and the Sun is square Eris and Chiron. The focus of the day may be on legal matters, but there are some other powerful aspects behind the obvious Mars-Uranus conjunction.

     The Yod is an aspect known as the Finger of God, though the late astrologer Mark Douglas used to call it “The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate”, in reference to an award that was given out on a famed TV show, “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.” The award was given to people who appeared to suffer some karmic retribution, thereby showing how fickle fate can be. What makes the Mars-Uranus chart more interesting is that there are four “flying fickle fingers of fate”, and they may be pointing out the problems that could be afflicting the Republican National Convention, as well as major races across the country. 

     Jupiter is conjunct the Midheaven, and it quincunx the Moon in Scorpio and Ceres in Capricorn. The Moon sextile Ceres will bring motherhood issues to the forefront, and the point of the finger at Jupiter may arouse legal arguments and force debate on what would be a national standard for the issue of abortion. Since the Dobbs case, the abortion issue has been decided by the states, with dark red states demanding no abortion at all, and lighter red states saying that abortion up to six weeks was permissible (though not practical.) Then there was the lunatic fringe, claiming they are so pro-life that any abortion should be punished with execution of the woman. 

    Yet, a finger does point the other way. Jupiter and the Midheaven are sextile Vesta. The point of the Yod is directed at Ceres. In mythology, Ceres was the demanding Mother Goddess, whose intensity for demands can lead to slavery and bondage. Midheaven, Jupter, and Vesta pointing at Ceres may stand for the conservative ideal that a certain level of control is needed to keep women from getting abortions on demand. There may be attacks on women who want government control out of their bodies. The attacks may be well-organized from a political and family-values point of view, but they may fail from a lack of agreement on punishments and how much control of women there should be.

     The Ascendant and the Moon are both pointing at the North Node in Aries. This may mark a major re-evaluation of values. Women’s healthcare is not an issue that can be swept under the rug. Each woman may have a different problem, and focusing on the North Node in Aries may show the necessity of facing those problems. The Moon in Scorpio may show matters that are not for the squeamish, and those who are faint of heart may have to face up to discussions that they may not like, such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.

     Pointing back at the Moon is a sextile with the North Node to the Midheaven and Jupiter. There may be charges of sensationalism and bad taste, such as in the day when the pro-life movement used to carry around fetuses in jars. Pro-Choice women responded by showing pictures of dead women who had suffered from botched abortions. The four flying fickle fingers of fate may be pointing out the issues of justice, family, control, values, and rights for women. When protesters show up for the Republican convention, the leaders may realize how much they underestimated the power of the women’s issue.

      Adding to the verbal confusion is Mercury squaring Pallas, asteroid of Wisdom and quincunx Saturn in Pisces.  With Pallas trine Saturn, all of the old arguments may be brought out, but with Mercury in challenging aspects, the old arguments may not have the same effect. Mercury is trine Chiron, and medical arguments may attract the most attention. Mercury Is in a wide square to Mars and Uranus, and the news may be focused on the women’s issues rather than the big events of the day. 

     Juno, the asteroid of marriage and political gain, is quincunx Chiron and Eris. Political arguments may be in a jumble as different issues pop up. Juno is in opposition to Saturn, and the old propaganda may not work anymore. Juno is sextile the Sun and Pallas. The best political tactic may be to focus on new political figures rather than give attention to the worn out party hacks. Venus opposing Pluto may focus the attention on the younger women in politics, who are breaking down the old boys clubs. With Venus in the Eleventh House, such women may be attracting the most coverage during this political season.

   One final caution is that Neptune is sextile Mars-Uranus, and is in an out-of-sign square with the Part of Fortune at Zero Capricorn. Deception and lies may fall flat at this time.  Smoke and mirrors may be foiled by fans and bigger mirrors. Neptune is trine the Sun and attention may be focused with the expectation of  deception. It may not be so much that a statement is a lie, but that it may a plausible lie, namely a lie that can get some public support. With Juno opposing Neptune, there is always the danger that a Big Lie could destroy the political system. There are still lawsuits pending over the 2020 Big Lie. If the GOP convention forces each politician to swear to the Big Lie, they might be open to lawsuits as well. In which case, Mars-Uranus in the Ninth House may stand for courts working overtime.