By the light (Not the dark but the light) Of the Virtual Moon (Not the Sun but the Moon)

by Thomas Canfield

This summer may see major changes with a Solar Eclipse taking place only a few hours after the Summer Solstice.  The Taurus Ascendant for the Eclipse chart will be conjunct Uranus and the Part of Fortune, which would suggest greater profits through technology.  As the ruler of high tech innovation, Uranus may be providing us with the greater tools for coping with the current crises.  Concerns about maintaining social isolation should boost values of internet providers, and lead to further developments in communication. 

I want to croon (Not rap, but croon) To my honey I’ll croon love’s tune (Not song, but tune)

Uranus is semi-sextile Venus and Chiron. The internet has shown is value in getting medical information out to the general public, and it will be playing a greater role in supporting personal relationships. With the increase of Zoom technology, virtual weddings may become more popular and acceptable. Why rent large churches or reception halls when the whole thing can be witnessed by people hundreds of miles away? Of course, catering services may decline in the aftermath, but the savings to the Father of the Bride will be enormous.

Uranus is also sextile Vesta and Mercury Retrograde, as well as Ceres. There may be greater bonding through the Internet, and long distance phone calls may be replaced by a teleconference between family members. With Vesta and Mercury Retrograde trine Ceres, people may develop more verbal skills at offering comfort and relief to those in distress, though with Mercury in Retrograde people need to think carefully about what they say.  Venus is semi-sextile Vesta, and more emotional bonds may develop with those who are far away. 

Honey Moon (Not Saturn, but the Moon) Keep a shining in June (Not May, but June)

One thing that families may need to watch out for is a battle between political and scientific views in handling the health issues. Juno will be in opposition to Chiron, and both will be squaring Vesta.  There will be a struggle for the hearts and minds of the families of the country as a debate looms between politicians and doctors. A feeling of adjustment may have to be made with the Solar Eclipse quincunx Saturn.  There may be issues of adjusting the standard methods of testing in order to get people out into the world and being productive.  The eclipse will be hit by the square from Chiron and Juno, leading to a louder debate and more economic angst.

Your silvery beams (Not rays, but beams) Will bring love’s dreams (Not thoughts, but dreams)

Mars is conjunct Neptune in the Eleventh House, and the public issues will be promoted aggressively, though some of the energy may be wasted on illusionary matters.  Eris is semi-sextile Mars and Neptune, and there could be some reports that will drive up the public’s temper, but which may be exaggerated stories. Will people be evicted if they are just in quarantine instead of going to work? Will landlords rent out apartments without fumigating them? Will household cleaners provide a panacea?

Mars and Neptune are sextile Jupiter and Pluto, which are approaching another conjunction near the Midheaven.  Adding to the mix is the asteroid Pallas, which is also retrograde.  This could be a time of major money making schemes. People might be trying to figure out how to make a buck in the shadow of death.  The best investment may be in health care products, as well as products that will provide personal comfort. Neptune sextile the Midheaven might bring better values for TV production,  and an increase in new series or distracting movies may be very profitable. 

We’ll be cuddling soon (Not later, but soon) By the Virtual Moon, (Not Mars, but the Moon)

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