Auntie Kam

Thomas Canfield

Forget Uncle Sam! After this year, the symbol for America may be Auntie Kam (pronounced “calm”), namely Kamala Harris. While people are looking at the Election and Inauguration charts, one chart to consider is the Lunar Eclipse at the end of November. This eclipse makes interesting connections with the natal chart of Kamala Harris. What happens to her after this eclipse will make a major turning point. Whether she wins or loses, or forms a government-in-exile, she will have people rallying to her.  The Lunar Eclipse will help emphasize her popularity, and how she may be going through major personal changes as a leader.

      In the two-ring chart (Kamala Harris inner ring, Lunar Eclipse outer ring), we can see her natal Juno is hit by the Lunar Eclipse axis. Juno has been called the asteroid of marriage, but when you consider the mythology of Juno, it refers to the old fashioned concept marriage as a property agreement. People got married for money, social status, and political connections.  For Kamala Harris, the events at the time of the eclipse will put her on the fast track of political power.  Some have suggested she will be a “Tyler, too” to Biden’s “Tippecanoe.”  If there is an attempt to cheat her of what she is due, she will not go quietly into the night.  Watch for a major political force to act!

     Part of her success may be due to how her natal Jupiter has been energized for the past year with the planets moving through late Capricorn. With Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and now the asteroid Pallas trine her Jupiter, this is someone whose ability for leadership has accelerated into overdrive. What may be acting as the brakes would be her Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries squaring the transiting Capricorn planets.  Like Trump, she was born at the time of a Full Moon, though in her case with her natal Saturn sextile her Moon and trine her Sun, she was born with a talent for restraint.  Her Mercury is in an out-of-sign conjunction with her Sun, and would offer the ability to think before speaking.  Of course, if might be hard for her to restrain her expressions of disbelief, as seen on her face then Mike Pence was offering less than truthful statements.

      The square of Capricorn planets to her Sun-Moon axis may diminish her personal feelings.  Being on the world stage, she is aware that every statement and action will have consequences, and that each event may be going into the History books.  It is almost like the Wagnerian sacrifice of Love for the sake of Power and Authority.  Fortunately, there are some calming aspects to help Kamala Harris retain her humanity.  Her natal Vesta, the asteroid of hearth and home, is trine her natal Mercury.  Being able to isolate at home can regenerate her mental abilities. In the eclipse chart, Ceres, the asteroid of nurturing, will be conjunct her natal Vesta. Win or lose, her family is going to stand by her, and support the decisions she makes.  With Ceres trine her natal Mercury, they may serve as a “think tank” for expressing and discussing ideas.

     Transiting Venus is conjunct the Ascendant of the eclipse chart, and conjunct the natal Neptune of Kamala Harris. It will definitely be a transformative moment for women, and the historical significance will be appreciated by a new generation of women. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg represented the growth of late 20th Century feminism, Kamala Harris will be the feminist icon for the 21st Century.  Her natal Venus is in a powerful conjunction with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960’s.  At the time of her birth, there was a growing promise of liberalism, in which Lyndon Johnson overwhelmingly defeated the conservatism of Barry Goldwater, and brought forth the Great Society. Unfortunately, as Uranus and Pluto separated, that liberal dream was dashed by the nightmare of Vietnam.  Kamala Harris may serve as a reminder of that promise in the Sixties, though with transiting Neptune in opposition to her triple conjunction there may be a distortion of what her liberalism stands for.  Her natal Chiron is in opposition to her triple conjunction, and there may be a need to learn from the mistakes of the past to avoid similar failures.  Her natal Pallas is squaring Chiron and the triple conjunction.  Wisdom is the fulcrum for balancing the two extremes. As shown by her Libra nature, she has to balance between the prosecutor and the promoter. Should certain actions be done for the sake of policy or for the sake of the common good?

     This is not going to be a time for Kamala Harris to rest on her laurels. Transiting Mars and Eris will be trine her natal Mars, and though some may see her as a figure of discord, there are others who will see her as a fiery, energetic leader.  Just because the campaign is over does not mean there are no issues to discuss.   Her natal Mars is trine her Part of Fortune, and increased success may come from lashing out against complacency or “business as usual.”  Transiting Mars and Eris will be trine her Part of Fortune in December.  Her best success will come from not being quiet, but from addressing the issues at every opportunity.  

      With this Lunar Eclipse, Kamala Harris has a chance to achieve change but with a sugar coating. In the eclipse chart, Uranus is conjunct the Part of Fortune, marking a good time for revolutionary change. Her natal Ceres is trine transiting Uranus and the Part of Fortune. It can be a drastic change, but she can make it a change people can live with.  Of course, there is always opposition to change. Juno and Mercury in the eclipse chart are opposing the natal Jupiter of Kamala Harris.  There may be plots and counter-plots to limit her authority, but with her natal Saturn squaring transiting Juno and Mercury, she will have the talent and resolve to counteract them.  With Saturn trine her Ascendant, she is capable of maintaining a poker face, even when confronted by the Lord of the Flies.

     With transiting Ceres on her Midheaven, she may live up to her family nickname as “Momala.”  Her opponents might try to smear her with the expression, “Big Mother is watching you”, but they can not deny that female leadership is here to stay. Transiting Chiron is trine her natal Juno and the eclipse Sun, as well as sextile the eclipse Moon.  Wisdom and education may be powerful points in her presentation. She will not come across as a schoolmarm or a trial lawyer.  Her wisdom may speak to the power of the common good, with civics lessons that every citizen should know.  The Midheaven trine her Mercury, and  an out-of-sign trine with her Sun may bring a national learning experience,  and  present her as a figure who can teach instead of preach.