From Deplorable to Adorable

Thomas Canfield

     It is rare to see two major astrological events on the same day, but it will be happening on Dec. 21 when the Winter Solstice will be followed by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  What is fascinating about these charts is the night-and-day transformation of the houses. The aspects remain the same through the day, but the houses change dramatically. For the Winter Solstice chart, all of the planets are below the horizon. The only body above the horizon is the asteroid, Vesta. Since it is the asteroid of hearth and home, it may represent everyone being at home and snug in their beds.  When the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place, the planetary placements have flipped. Vesta is below the horizon, and Uranus is just below the Ascendant. 

      What may set the tone for the charts is the placement of Juno, asteroid of marriage (but also of politics). Juno is sextile the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the Solstice Sun and Mercury are at the midpoint of the asteroid and the giant planets. It may mark a time of significant political change. For the Solstice chart, Juno is conjunct the Ascendant. For the Jupiter-Saturn chart it has been relocated to the Seventh House, right next to the Eighth House cusp. A demise of an old way of thinking? The Solstice Sun and Mercury have been relocated from the Second House to the Ninth House, which could be a successful conclusion of legal matters. Jupiter-Saturn have moved from the Third House to the Tenth House, suggesting an event in which the whole world will be watching. 

   One event to watch for is a harmonious development between science and politics. For most of the year, Juno was in opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, and much of the rancor of the past year has been in arguments between politicians and doctors on how to handle the pandemic.  With Juno making a trine to Chiron, the adversaries may start working together.  Chiron will also be trine Venus, and there may be a more loving feeling towards the medical profession, especially after all of the suffering they have had in the page year.  Chiron, Juno, and Venus are all sextile Pallas, asteroid of wisdom, as well as making wide sextile contacts with Jupiter-Saturn. The hard work and wisdom of some of the doctors and nurses may finally be revealed.  In the Jupiter-Saturn chart, Chiron is in the Twelfth House, representing work from behind the scenes, while Juno in the Seventh (close to the Eighth) House, may bring public recognition to those who deserve it. 

     The position of the Moon may show how much will be revealed in the matter of a few hours. The Moon in the Solstice chart is in the Fourth House, semi-sextile the Part of Fortune. By the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, it has moved to the Twelfth House and is trine the Part of Fortune.  This could be more revelations from behind the scenes of those who risked all to save others.  The Moon is semi-sextile Mars and Eris, and some of the revelations may ruffle the feelings of some people. With Mars and Eris in the Twelfth House, there may be some behind the scenes who are unhappy with the revelations.  They might try to upset matters in ways the public may not detect. With Mars and Eris squaring Pluto, they could cause incompetent decisions to be made.

     There may be worries in the Mutable signs as the Node axis is being squared by an opposition between Vesta and Neptune.  With Neptune in its own sign, we may hope for lofty visions and new plans for the coming year. Vesta in Virgo may be more concerned about domestic matters and taking care of things at home.  There may be an extreme pragmatism to offset the visionary ideals. The squaring Nodes may bring up the issues of values and what it is people really want.

     Uranus is sextile Ceres, and in the Jupiter-Saturn chart Ceres will be in the Eleventh House. There may be a need to celebrate with friends, even if it is only on Facebook or Zoom. However, Uranus is also squaring Pallas, and some of the electronic desires may not be very wise.  With Pallas in the Tenth House with Jupiter-Saturn, there is the danger that too much might be said and too many statements on-line might hurt one’s career.  With Venus sextile Pallas, it would be best to temper remarks with love. Venus is squaring Ceres, and there may be a divide between the sensual love and the nurturing love.  What kind of encounters might people be looking for after so many months of separation?

     This double-event day might mark the dividing line between the old world and the upcoming world.  We can hope that such a conjunction in Aquarius will bring more innovation and technology to the world.  The pre-pandemic world may seem like a dream of the past. The post-pandemic world has to be more user friendly. Maybe there will be Zoom meetings without technical difficulties, and social distancing will become the new normal.

    What makes this conjunction so special is that Jupiter and Saturn will be just one degree from each other in the sky. The light from both bodies might make them seem like a new star in the sky. A new star of Bethlehem?  A forecast of a new king being born? A warning that a new Herod is about to slay the innocents?  This year also marks that 100th anniversary of the famous poem by William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming.” Written during a time of plague and peril, Yeats warned that” the center can not hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” and speculated on the rough beast that “slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.” With this conjunction, we may be more concerned about a rough beast slouching away from Washington D.C. and hope for better days to be born.