The Wizard of OX

Thomas Canfield

     For those who are looking forward to the ending of 2020, the arrival of New Year’s Day may not see an ending to the problems of the terrible year.  Some may be looking forward to Inauguration Day as a time of major change.  However, the time that may see the biggest changes taking place could be the Chinese New Year, which comes with the New Moon in Aquarius.  We are going to be entering the Year of the Ox.  According to Monica Dimino, in her book “East joins West: Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers”, the Ox represents hard work, loyalty and success. The Ox is quiet, but dedicated, and does best in a home environment.  We can look forward to an economic rebound putting people back to work in the year of the Ox.

      However, the arrival of the Ox takes place at the time of a stellium, with seven bodies in Aquarius.  The last time such a stellium took place was on February 4, 1962, which marked the end of the year of the Ox and the start of the year of the Tiger. That year may be remembered as the high point of “Camelot”, when the Kennedy charisma was inspiring optimism in a new generation. It was also a time of increased Cold War tensions, resulting in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fortunately, wise heads prevailed to prevent a nuclear war.

     What makes the Aquarius stellium of 2021 interesting is that in the chart set for Washington D.C. (February 11, 2021 at 2:06 pm) the entire stellium is in the Eighth House. (This is using Koch houses. Other house systems may show a different result.) An Aquarius stellium in the house of Scorpio may bring about a major transformation, on par with Gandalf fighting a Balrog, and then being resurrected as a white wizard. Aquarius has been associated with the image of a wizard, bringing about change through supernatural means.  Combined with the symbolism of the Ox, it may be a time of change for prosperity and a gaining of what was lacking in 2020.

   To start this change, there has to be a struggle between old mindsets, which may be ready for violent resistance, and new attitudes of dedicated traditions. Saturn in Aquarius can revive old ideals and images of what the country should be like. However, it is squaring Uranus in Taurus, and the revolutionary spirit of Uranus may be mired down in the materialism of the Earth sign. It may stand for a violent attitude of greed saying, “I’ve got mine, and you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that people once believed in a common good,  best summed up in the preamble to the Constitution in which “We the People” come together to form “a more perfect Union.”  Uranus in Taurus hearkens back to the old days when King George III was in charge, and some Americans did not mind as long as their property was secure. As Benjamin Franklin pointed out, people had to choose freedom or security, and those who gave up freedom did not deserve either choice. Saturn is also sextile Chiron, the wounded healer, and those who have suffered the perils of 2020 may support the traditional view of helping the common good and coming together as a nation. Chiron may offer wisdom and education to back up Saturn’s arguments for organization.

      Jupiter in Aquarius is conjunct Venus, and in old-time Astrology this would be seen as a blessing with the Greater Benefic joining with the Lesser Benefic. Jupiter and Venus may see tremendous advances for women. With the coming of the first female Vice-President, there may be more incentive for women to get involved in government and the federal bureaucracy.  Venus and Jupiter also stand for financial gain, and there may be an increase in spending in those areas that have been neglected, or in agencies that have been defunded in the past four years.

        Mercury seems to be in a troublesome position, being retrograde at the time of the New Moon, and in a square with Mars in Taurus.  It may be a time of loud arguments and noisy threats from talking heads. Fortunately, Mercury is sextile Juno, asteroid of marriage and political events. More political figures may be speaking out for what the country needs and how to get it. Mercury is trine the North Node, and there may be an appeal to higher values, not just of patriotism or spirituality, but a message for humanity and world advancement.

     Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, is conjunct the New Moon, and may add needed consideration and contemplation of the needs of the many.  Pallas is also in square to Mars, and it may be necessary to talk down the loud mouths who keep insisting “my ignorance is just as valid as your knowledge.”  Pallas is also trine the North Node, and that may help in the debate on higher values.   The public argument could get discordant with Pallas and the New Moon sextile Eris in the Tenth House. There are some people in power who will be resisting change and will be stirring up trouble against reform. Pluto is still square Eris, and that will demonstrate that the incompetence of the past should be buried, and more productive ideas should be promoted.

     Pluto is sextile Ceres in Pisces, and there may be greater sensitivity to the losses of the past year. It may be a time for grief counseling, and to learn how to repair lives after so many losses.  Ceres in the Tenth House may indicate a more sensitive leadership, and a more nurturing method of doing business. Some corporations may realize how much their working people have suffered and will help out in matters that will be helpful to family life.

      One difficulty to watch out for may be with Neptune conjunct the Midheaven of the chart. Misinformation and “alternative facts” may still be spread around. Neptune is sextile Mars and the fantasies and delusions could get very violent. Opposing Neptune is Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home. Although fantasy stories may be broadcast into every home, they may not always be believed. Juno and the Node axis will be squaring Vesta-Neptune. There may be a strong political effort to overcome the phony stories and present a broader picture of what needs to be done.  Vesta trine Mars might help defuse tensions by sending troublemakers home for a time-out. The family environment may become a calming place for reducing anger. 

    As Monica Dimino points out, family is the place for the Ox, and there can be a reaffirmation of values towards home and country. Hard work may bring contentment to the Ox, and because of the steady attitude, the Ox will not be easily herded or forced into a stampede. The Ox may provide steady efforts, as in tilling the soil, and combined with the magic of Aquarius, there may be a terrific new harvest in the months ahead.