Political Players in Transit #2

By Jim Hurlburt

     Vice-President Kamala Harris (inner chart, 10-20-1965, Oakland, CA, 9:28 pm) and the Vernal Equinox (outer chart, 3-20-2021, Washington D.C.,  5:37 am)

       Her Full Moon in Aries shows that she is certainly poised as a prominent first for women. Following through to a Mars in Leo assumes a position of leadership. Her Sun in Libra marks a woman who governs with a fair application of justice. Venus in Virgo (with Venus, Uranus, and Pluto all in conjunction) relates well to the feminist movement and is receptive to Mercury in Scorpio, which is conjunct her Libra Sun. This makes her a good “poster child” for female equality. Her Gemini Ascendant (ruled by Mercury) shows her to be an avid communicator, with much intellectual deduction and analysis. 

     Mercury in Scorpio adds to respected critical judgment, supported by Mars in her Third House, indicating a strong intellect. With Sun/Mercury conjunct, and trine Saturn in Aquarius in her Ninth House, there are makings of a high intelligence level that strives to be just.  This trine gives her what she needs for wise and skillful actions to meet challenges. Mercury trine her Midheaven  may help her stress the importance of education and vocational studies.  The Midheaven in Pisces calls to a universal appeal with the help of intuitive strength from the generational Neptune in Scorpio, which is currently trine transiting Neptune.  She may be bringing better health awareness regarding the pandemic.  She can actively intuit her way through the requirements of the emotional pulse of the public.

     The natal Mars of Kamala Harris is opposition to transiting Jupiter and the Equinox Ascendant.  She may be taking on big “Aquarian” issues, such as those of a humanitarian bend.  These broader issues could be legally pursued in an aggressive manner. The opposition may try to use her words and actions against her, but she may be able to turn the tables on them. Transiting Jupiter will also be squaring her natal Jupiter and Neptune opposition.  It may be a time to watch out for dreamers and focus clear sight on goals to get past the deceivers and work on the greater possibilities. She may need to deal with litigation (the better side of it) and taking charge of damage control, which others might have avoided. She may have a command of power that is used for good.  Transiting Pluto will be squaring her Full Moon axis. Old ideas may be transformed, and new opportunities may be forthcoming.  On the downside, she could be the lightning rod for political attacks from Republicans.  Fear impulses involving sexism, racism, and political extremism may be the focus of attacks. 

     Some major transits coming up for the Vernal Equinox include Saturn square Uranus (conflicts over sparse resources), Mars trine Saturn (smooth and certain action), and Sun conjunct Venus (which may help in personal popularity.)  Transiting Neptune is opposing her natal Uranus-Pluto- Venus conjunction, and that could cause misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Transiting Moon,   North Node, and Mars are also squaring her Uranus-Pluto-Venus, and that could bring more issues to be ironed out. A lot of word play may be in action, as well as energetic conversations. This will not be a monotonous time. Transiting Saturn trine transiting Mars may keep things in control. 

      One area to watch out for is with transiting Ceres and Chiron conjunct the natal Eris of Kamala Harris. Attempts to be nurturing and wise could be misrepresented.   Transiting Mars and Saturn are sextile her Eris, and she might find herself as a figure of discord, no matter whether she intended it or not.  Transiting Eris is approaching a sextile to her Ascendant, and she may find herself being misquoted and caricatured.  Transiting Eris is also making a trine to her Part of Fortune, and there may be smears against her success and a belittling of her career.    

      Transiting Mercury is sextile Uranus in Taurus, and it could be a time when the financial genius of the public is demonstrated.  It may be a time of new blossoming and continued progress with democracy. The time may be one of free and independent expression. There may be greater vocational awareness, and broader needs for children and families. Neptune and Jupiter semi-sextile each other may bring more vaccines for the public, and great awareness of what is coming with the pandemic.  As Vice-President, Kamala Harris may be facing a more active role in the Senate as more legislation is needed for dealing with the changes. 

     The Vernal Equinox Midheaven opposing Mars may highlight more domestic settings. Gemini Mars offers alternative perspectives along those lines.  The Gemini Moon offers a more passive role for men. Mars trines Saturn, with Ceres sextile both, shows the possibilities of greater demands for “male nannies” or men able take on such a role.  With Mars squaring Mercury, do not poke the mild-mannered bear when it comes to the family.  Men should not be ridiculed for taking on a nurturing role.  Mercury is semi-sextile  Chiron and Ceres, and men will be offering guidance and wisdom that will allow women to step into leadership roles.  This can be related to the original First Man Douglas Emhoff who has been supportive of Kamala Harris in her political career. 

      With Equinox Saturn square Uranus, Kamala Harris faces issues dealing with Congress and the financial aspects concerning the pandemic, and may fight back against restrictions on voting.  The Equinox Midheaven is quincunx Uranus and the Part of Fortune, and could indicate an unpredictable financial change with an unexpected remedy, if the Congress is willing to accept it.  The Midheaven sextile Saturn shows an ambitious pursuit of an agenda for a fortuitous leadership addressing dire circumstances, and how to revive the economic situation.       

     There is a Grand Trine in the chart of Kamala Harris with her Libra Sun trine Saturn in Aquarius and her Gemini Ascendant.  This can be a beacon of hope and inspiration.  There may be many spirited ideas to get the ball rolling. She will not be chained to the misgivings of the past. She will be able to bring the best ideas with enthusiastic intent, and will receive a confirmation that rewards noble effort.  There may be a uniting of complimentary differences, an easing of hardships, and possible karmic positioning. Watch for enthusiastic ideas that are corrective in nature, and favorable to original philosophical thinking.