Is This The Right Room For Argument?

Thomas Canfield

    There are times, looking at the current transits, when it seems that the world has become a series of Monty Python sketches. Studying  the Autumn Equinox chart immediately brought to mind the argument sketch between Michael Palin and John Cleese. The Equinox chart  (Washington DC, 9-22-2021, 3:21 pm) has Mars conjunct the Sun in  Libra. Although Mars in Libra is supposed to be debilitated, there are other elements of contention in the chart. The Moon is conjunct Eris, which may bring emotional upheva;.  Jupiter Retrograde is sextile Eris, suggesting conflict with people in authority.  Pluto is moving towards its final exact square to Eris in October, and their separation later in the year may bring an end to elements of incompetence that are still around.

    One source of contention may be over the issue of “gaslighting” in which arguments are started over matters which are obviously false. Mercury, the planet of intellect, is squared by Pluto, quincunx Neptune, and in opposition to Eris and the Moon.  This attempt at confusion can be seen at the beginning of the argument sketch when Michael Palin makes his entrance and says:

“Is this the right room for a argument.  John Cleese responds ,”I told you once.” “When?” “Just now!” “No you didn’t!” “I’m afraid I did.”

       The viewer sees that John Cleese is lying, and he is bogging Michael Palin down into a fake argument of “No you didn’t” and “Yes I did.”  What may help out Mercury in the Equinox chart is the trine to Jupiter in which an appeal to authority and fact-checking may reveal the falseness of the complaints. Michael Palin attempts this by pointing out that John Cleese is just dealing in contradiction and not making a real argument. “An argument is a collected series of statements intended to create a definite proposition. No it isn’t.”

     The more John Cleese speaks, the more the audience sees he is involved in duplicitous behavior as well as contradiction.  The argument session is supposed to last five minutes, but John Cleese ends it short and says he is not allowed to argue unless another session is paid for. Michael Palin pays for another five minutes, but John Cleese keeps contradicting him by saying he has not paid, This dishonesty is too much for Michael Palin who storms out of the room.

      There are some helpful aspects to ease the frustrations caused by the Mars-Sun conjunction. Saturn is trine the conjunction, and some comments by old-time wise figures might ease the difficulties. The North Node is also trine the conjunction, and an appeal to personal values may help people sort out the feelings. The Part of Fortune is sextile the conjunction, and greater success may come through channeling energy in positive directions.  Mars is in a wide opposition to Chiron, and much of the anger may be over the continuing pandemic.

      Juno, the asteroid of marriage and political matters,  is trine Chiron, and this year the responsible political leaders are working with the scientists to end the pandemic.  Ceres is sextile Chiron, and more personal care may be available to ease the burden of the medical professionals. Uranus and Pallas are both semi-sextile Chiron, and there may be further demonstrations that the doctors are telling the truth when they insist upon restrictions to end the pandemic. 

      The final peacemaker may be Venus in Scorpio, which is in mutual reception with Mars in Libra. Venus is in opposition to Uranus, and may squelch any revolutionary tendencies.  Venus is conjunct the Midheaven and sextile the Ascendant. The peacemakers may be getting most of the attention. Venus is trine Pallas, asteroid of wisdom, and appeals to common sense may help reduce tensions. Venus in Scorpio can refer to the “Dark Lady”, possibly a Morticia Addams figure who may seem intimidating but who can offer loving advice.

     Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home, is also conjunct the Midheaven, though squaring Saturn and the Part of Fortune. This may not be a time to stay at home and do nothing.  Families may be marching together, even if their goals may not be for the common good. With Vesta quincunx the North Node, some families may question the values that gets them marching in the streets and with Vesta squaring the Part of Fortune taking to the streets may not be very fortunate.

      John Cleese once revealed that the success in argument is never admitting defeat, even when it is obvious you have been defeated. He cited the case of an Olympian wrestler who was declared the winner when his opponent conceded, with the crowd not realizing that the wrestler had been strangled to death by a wrestling hold. In other comedy sketches, particularly the “Dead Parrot sketch”, John Cleese would create characters that would be in complete denial even when confronted with overwhelming evidence. It seemed funny on Monty Python, but it becomes frightening when a former President and his followers take the attitude, “No, I didn’t!”