February’s Game of Hearts

Jim Hurlbert

 Come the 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Will it prove to be a “consoling” day upon an experience of blissful wonder, or is it a “closure” upon a whole new world of possibilities? Will you be moving your relationship up to the next notch of commitment?  Everyone has heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and such is the way behind the symbolic mythology of the zodiac signs. Careful were the ancients in summoning up to meet these descriptions through imagery in such a way they have come down into astrological lore. Many astrologers realize this in the casting of their charts. 

    Aquarius shows the common good of the bountiful rains, and these times of the Sun’s visit in this sign will receive what the Water Bearer brings. The Sun reveals the ready qualities that make up the romanticized drama of the given seasonal period, showing an Aquarian community of friends onto meeting that of mutual purpose. The Leo Full Moon may bring a rekindling of romantic feeling.  Many may feel the effects of the Mercury ingress on Feb. 14 (Cupid’s arrows of love messages?) and its further role with the Feb. 16 Full Moon. Mercury in Aquarius is concerned with getting the word out rather than indulging in arrogance, and may bring greater understanding, possibly in religious matters. It may be a time of epiphany, or just fun loving days, going into the weekend. Mercury as ruler of the Ascendant may need the advantage of chance timing with some of the important romance matters

     Here in 2022, with Saturn in Aquarius, we see a time of endurance for love affairs during the time of winter’s struggle. It may be a time when those who have lost love will find renewal. With Saturn square Uranus, will traditions seem awkward, or will people take it to the next level and fly from such traditions?  Since Uranus is near the 12th house, it shows flattery and promises in new directions. Questions will arise, and with Venus and Mars in Capricorn there are hints of strong and steady love affairs and romances that will last.  Many attempting to become parents may want to check their fertility charts, while the Leo Moon also shows a favorable emotional pitch for such matters. Mercury trine Ceres might bring higher contemplation for family planning. Jupiter is moving into Pisces, and the sign of the Fish is reflective of the emergence of new bounties than will manifest in the spring.  Will the prophetic abilities of Jupiter and Neptune show the building upon the oceans, with notions, lotions, and potions?

         Most certainly, romance will be the most common theme with both the New and Full Moons in February. These Moons may be working as sensitive points at these times, especially in regard to eclipses.  These eclipses translate into people’s lives in varied ways, from warm, romantic times with a loved one to the stormy times. There are initial challenges onto romance by the New Moon that can be eased by beneficial technologies meant to help with the rising of such challenges.  Zoom & Skype come to mind to remove separation anxiety. The February New Moon is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. That might mark a time of looking at disappointments and frustrations that bring about regrets. By the time of the Full Moon, there may be a new flow of excitement, and new opportunities for romance. Saturn may learn from past mistakes and lost love could find renewal. Reuniting with old friends may lead romance or renewals of relationships. Even a Zoom meeting could bring about new connections, with electronic aids helping in this time of pandemic.

      For those who have been experiencing, due to Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces, certain unwelcome chaos in their love lives, they might find much relief and clarification by this Full Moon position, since the Moon is uncluttered and clear to its own purpose within its lacking of major aspects outside of the Sun. Making the most of the Full Moon here in some ways may require timing awareness that just may have been let down for what has been established from the New Moon.  Romance may offer itself in a dramatic way just the same. You may be surprised at how much the delivery of some roses might do.

       The Leo Moon is void-of-course, and it might be best to wait for asking for a first date until the Sun moves into Pisces. Thinking about love and consideration of romance may be helpful before making the first move.  Such a delay might allow new possibilities to appear.  There could be the love affair of alternate excitement, such as visiting a new location full of old world charm. The “wow” factor of vast romantic possibilities comes to the fore from the roller-coaster ride of many experiences. Romance may prove a distraction from the news and events of the times. Check for the level of “romance” in certain situations beyond the Sun and the Moon, as in between Venus and Mars, with a wide sextile to Jupiter. They may indicate certain views from plentiful to excess. Saturn may curl them into points of commitment. With Venus and Mars in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, as well as conjunct Vesta (asteroid of hearth and home), there may be a strong desire for settling down and setting up a secure living arrangement. As Venus, Mars, and Vesta approach a sextile to Neptune, now may be the time to conjure up pictures of a dream house.