Do Tigers eat Groundhogs?

Thomas Canfield

 The beginning of February usually has attention focused on the Groundhog, This ever-popular mammal is considered to be the oracle for whether winter will continue for another six weeks. Each year, Punxatawny Phil has his sleep disturbed by numerous reporters, all trying to determine if there is some meteorological truth to the Groundhog legend. However, this year the Groundhog may have to take second place as a more powerful animal takes charge at the beginning of the month: The Tiger.

      February 1 marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Tiger. In Monica Dimino’s book, “East Joins West: Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers” she describes the Tiger in a way similar to the Groundhog: “The Tiger is another animal that deeply connects with the invisible world. The connection is one which leaves him or her either very inert or hyperactive. This is the curious thing about Tigers. They are busy when they have something to do or when they are upset about something, But when that something is done, they love to spend long hours relaxing.”

       What makes this feature of the inert Tiger (along with the inert Groundhog) so interesting is that the chart for the Year of the Tiger seems to be equally inert. (Washington DC, Feb.1, 2022, 12:46 am) Most of the planets are below the horizon, from the Second House to the Fifth House. Only Uranus and Ceres are poking their heads above the horizon in the Seventh House, Most of the energy of the chart seems to be contained in the Third House, ruled by Gemini and dealing with elementary education.  It is a time for going back to remedial lessons, especially with Mercury Retrograde. The important work may be done behind the scenes in preparation for the time when pouncing can take place.

      Mars, Vesta, and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. It may be a good time for the family to gather around the TV and start placing bets on sporting events. Mars, Vesta, and Venus are squaring Chiron, and there may be health problems with trying to attend public events, even with social distancing in the bleachers.  Better to stay home and watch it on TV. This stay-at-home attitude is also reflected by Juno, Pluto, and Mercury Retrograde trine Ceres and the North Node in Taurus.  There may be stricter regulations for quarantine, mask wearing, and social distancing.  With Juno, Pluto, and Mercury Retrograde sextile Neptune and Pallas, there may be wiser heads, possibly religious as well as medical, who will be bringing further warnings to the public. A greater sense of cooperation happens as the fatal alternative becomes more obvious.

      There may be more questioning as for what is reported on-line with the Sun l the Moon, and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, and all three square Uranus. People may not be running out to buy horse paste even if someone says it is a cure-all. With Jupiter sextile Uranus, internet sales will continue, and the internet will remain a good method of survival in an increased pandemic.

         With the majority of the bodies in the first three houses, the public attitude may be like that of the crouching Tiger, or the dozing Groundhog. Rude awakenings may spur them to action, especially once Mercury goes direct a few days later.  If the Groundhog says it is time to wake up the early spring, the Tiger may be starting on new projects. If it starts snowing, the Tiger may dig down and go after the Groundhog.