The Return of Christmas

Thomas Canfield

After the dour and doleful events of 2020, it is a pleasure to look ahead to a new and improved Christmas. The spirit may be a lot brighter than what we had last year,  though some changes may be noticed as a result of the difficult circumstances many people have experienced.  An undercurrent of loss and regret may be felt as a result of the global pandemic, but there may still be cause to celebrate.

     In the chart of the Winter Solstice, Jupiter is rising  just above the Ascendant, and the Solstice Sun is sextile the Ascendant and Jupiter.  As the planetary Santa Claus figure, Jupiter may bring to mind to the classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Yet, with Jupiter squaring Ceres the spirit of generosity may be inhibited. Gifts may be limited to what people need as opposed to the glitz and glimmer of the latest electronic devices.

     Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus may inhibit the costly electronic sales.  The price tags on the latest phones or laptops may be too high for the average consumer.  Pallas and Neptune sextile Uranus may keep the electronics on the wish lists of most people.  Mercury and Juno trine Uranus may set electronics as the standard for the economic growth. Some might say it won’t be a successful holiday if stockings on the mantle are not booping or beeping with new phones.

     Family spirits may not be as mirthful this year as we might hope. Vesta on the Midheaven might make it seem like a joyful family holiday. Vesta is squaring Pallas and Neptune, and the family spirit may be just a façade for keeping up social appearances. Some holiday spirit may be expressed by Venus conjunct Pluto in the Eleventh House. With Venus Retrograde, there  may be a sense of memorial for those who could not be with us for the holidays. With the Moon in Cancer opposing Venus and Pluto,  there may be intense emotions and a maudlin expression of grief, particularly for those you could not be with when they passed away. One thing to watch out for is that the holidays gatherings may turn grim and funereal if too much time is spend thinking of losses. Mercury and Juno squaring Pallas and Neptune may offer sobering common sense that we should be enjoying what we have.

     New tributes to health care workers may be coming out with Mars trine Chiron, and Saturn sextile Chiron. Much of the negativity expressed towards doctors and nurses may give way to a greater appreciation when it becomes known by the public just how many sacrifices have been made by caregivers. Saturn may bring back memories of the self-sacrificing country doctors. Mars may bring a spirit of defense to protect those health care workers who have received threats in the past year. 

      As for Eris, the outcast dwarf planet, it may be said to be in such position as to prevent discord. Venus, Pluto, and the Moon are within a four degree orb of squaring Eris.  The solution is to give the outcast goddess a glass of egg nog and let her be on her merry way. 

      One interesting puzzle to this Solstice chart is whether or not it has a void-of-course Moon. The standard rule for a void-of-course Moon is that it does not make a major aspect to another planet before it leaves a sign.  The Moon is approaching a quincunx to Jupiter,  but that may be considered a minor aspect. The Moon is approaching a sextile to Ceres, but that is only a dwarf planet (formerly an asteroid) and some may quibble that an aspect to Ceres does not count.  Finally, the Moon is approaching a sextile to the Part of Fortune, but that Arabic Part is not a planet, either, and it does not count as well.  So, with a void-of-course Moon, Christmas might not turn out the way the public (or Fox News) want it to be.  Of course, Ceres trine the Part of Fortune may bring a little more success and growth than anyone expected, and the results might make the events of this holiday a little more memorable than expected.