The Drunken Pumpkin and the Sunken Bumpkin

Thomas Canfield

   The October Full Moon falls on the Saturday before Halloween. Since the holiday falls during the week, chances are that the most masked celebrations will be taking place on the preceding Saturday. This fits in well with the Full Moon, which has Neptune conjunct the Ascendant. It may be a time of heavy drinking and fantastic costume imagery. With Neptune opposing the Part of Fortune, watch out for the repercussions such as drunk driving. The bizarre nature of Halloween costumes may be emphasized by Pluto sextile the Ascendant and Neptune. Watch for the most hideous costumes, and test the blood alcohol level of those wearing them. (Imagine if the Great Pumpkin were to devour Linus.)

    The Full Moon falls on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and in the chart Taurus and Scorpio are in their natural houses, Second and Eighth. This may mark a time of big spending and racking up debts. Like a country bumpkin who has won the lottery, there may be wild spending which may outdo the rate of income, resulting in a sinking into debt. Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House may show signs of prosperity, and possible windfalls (like forgiven student loans) may benefit a lot of people. However, in opposition is Mars in Scorpio in its own house, conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury might help keep track of the facts and figures, but Mars may encourage taking on debt for future opportunities, such as buying a house to fix it up and flip it at a higher price.  This reconstructive profit may be emphasized with the Part of Fortune trine Pluto. However, the Part of Fortune is also square the Midheaven and opposing Neptune. So, it is possible that the profits might be fanciful and a bit lower than expected. 

     Uranus in Taurus in the Second House may encourage spending on the latest electronic devices, and setting up an electronic cottage. However, Ceres in Scorpio opposing Uranus may put a curb on electronic spending. Think of Ceres as the domineering mother who stops junior from bringing more electronic equipment down to the basement. However, spending will go on with Ceres sextile Venus and Uranus trine Venus. The electronic spending may be on smaller devices or spending for on-line services. Venus and Ceres are also pointing a Yod in the direction of Chiron. Women’s health issues may be a topic of discussion. Pallas is in opposition to Chiron, and there may be further philosophical arguments regarding religion and medicine.

     The issue of family values is going to be a major part of the discussion, though it is possible that the family values might be more realistic than a false image of the past. Juno in Virgo is in opposition to Saturn in Pisces. Juno stands for controlling bonds, both in marriage and in politics. Saturn stands for tradition and discipline. With the two in opposition, there may be conflicting images of what tradition stands for. Juno might want to ban Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. Saturn might want an old-fashioned Halloween, as depicted in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Juno is sextile Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home, while Saturn is trine Vesta. There may be arguments as to which side of the Halloween story the family values should belong to. 

     Juno is sextile the Sun and trine the Moon, while Saturn is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. Vesta is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. The issue over family values and Halloween may take on a national debate. Other elements may enter into the story, such as women’s health care and the role of the Supreme Court in restraining liberties. The North Node is still conjunct Eris, and that can mark upheaval on the highest court. Will a Justice be removed for receiving gifts or will his wife be indicted for trying to overthrow the government? These might be major topics by Halloween.

     It may be a Happy Halloween, if you can keep from drinking too much. It may be a profitable period, if you can keep from spending too much. It may be a time of major revelations, if you can keep from arguing too much. Will the Great Pumpkin show up this year? Maybe if you drink enough during the Full Moon. Will the latest apps be affordable? Maybe if you check your budget first. Will family values prevail at Halloween? Maybe, if you can get Ward Cleaver to dress up in costume to take the Beaver trick-or treating.