How the Grinch maxxed out Christmas

Thomas Canfield

     The November Full Moon falls during the time of the major Christmas shopping season. It is on Cyber Monday, the new holiday following Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. While maniacal shoppers trample each other for bargains on Black Friday, on Cyber Monday all of the web servers are overloaded with on-line sales. This year, there could be a meltdown of store computers and crashing websites as epic numbers of cyber shoppers seek electronic bargains.

      In the Full Moon chart, Mars and Ceres are conjunct the Sun in the Second House, and all three are opposing the Moon in Gemini in the Eighth House. Mars conjunct the Sun in the Second House is the original bargain basement brawler. (“Hand over those sales items or I’ll plaster your face.”)  Ceres is the original uncompromising mother goddess, and in conjunction with Mars, she is likely to drive a tank into the bargain basement. (“Rommel, you magnificent bastard, hand over those sales items!”) The Midheaven is sextile the Moon and trine the conjunction in the Second House. Corporations may be helped by the Ceres, Mars, and Sun conjunction.  In opposition to the Moon, the only thing that would stop this spending frenzy would be a maxxed out credit card.

     With Saturn squaring Mars, Ceres, and the Full Moon axis, it is possible that maxxing out might be closer than most shoppers realize. Saturn might be the planet of sensible budgeting in the chart. Saturn is sextile the Part of Fortune, and the best presents might be the cheapest sale items. Saturn is trine Vesta, asteroid of hearth and home. This could represent the expression that “it is the thought that counts.” A gift that can be shared by the whole family, whether it is food, drink, or a new TV set, may be more appreciated than an individual gift. Saturn and Vesta are also trine the Ascendant and the asteroid Pallas. It may be a time of good learning experiences, and an appreciation of the wisdom in giving a family gift as opposed to singular gifts. Saturn and Vesta are also sextile Jupiter in the Seventh House. If there is an individual, pricey gift to be bought, it should be for a spouse or partner. Juno, asteroid of marriage is trine the midpoint of Jupiter and Uranus in the Seventh House. This emphasizes the need to be nice to your spouse or partner, and bring them the best possible gift. Juno is also quincunx Chiron in the Sixth House. Paying for women’s healthcare may be a welcome gift as well.

     Eris and the North Node are only one minute apart from an exact conjunction. They are in opposition to Venus in the Twelfth House. It is possible that difficulties on the Supreme Court may be resolved by behind the scenes maneuvers. Mercury is sextile Venus, and trine Eris and the North Node. Major legal arguments could be used to cause a change, possibly similar to the Justice Abe Fortas case. (“We won’t throw your wife in jail if you resign from the Court.”) Uranus and Neptune are both semi-sextile Eris and the North Node. Stories about the Supreme Court could dominate the shopping season.  Mercury square Neptune could blow away any conspiracy theories or fanciful concepts. Mercury and Venus quincunx Uranus might ease the speculations of on-line groups like Qanon. Pluto is making its final degrees of a square to Eris, and since the zombie apocalypse predicted by the antivaxx crowd did not take place on Oct. 5, we may assume that the latest booster shots will finish off the remains of the pandemic.

        In spite of the legal wrangling, the shopping season should continue unabated. What may help the shoppers is to set a budget limit. Jupiter is opposing the Ascendant and Pallas, and the lesson may be to spend sensibly. Jupiter, Pallas, and the Ascendant are squaring the Midheaven, and that message may be that loved ones need the money more than corporations do.  Besides, you do not need the humiliation of having your credit card expire at the check-out counter. When the clerk cuts your credit card in half, he may take on a resemblance to a certain green-skinned scoundrel, and you may feel tempted to sing a few bars of: